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The bass in my LCD 3 was very light even with the Burson soloist. With the cavalli liquid glass the quantity and quality of the bass increased substantially. They are finicky to get sounding right. When it happens you will know it. Otherwise, before the amp change I didn't even think they were a whole lot better than the hd 650. Now they are miles better.
Just hooked up my LG tonight. Very very smooth with the lcd-3. I knew the soloist was not doing them justice. The liquid glass has excellent control. Very strange compared to what I am used to. On well recorded tracks it's like the equipment itself just disappears and has no coloration, harshness, or indication that I am in fact still listening on headphones. (A example is shinedown's live album, feels like you are there in some tracks). Very good build overall. The power...
My LG is still in the box. Hopefully I can post some impressions next week. Super busy.. These initial reviews makes me want to find time though and Quick :-)
Do you mind explaining why my hd 650 coming out of my sound blaster x-fi sounds so dull and flat vs my burson amp and dac setup. Not just a little difference but it's like I went from OK sound to amazing. Could tell the difference in a blind test no problem
How much for a silver poison RCA pair 17.25 inch tip to tip run.
I tried getting contacting you by pm and email but getting nothing back. Trying to give you a order possibly. Getting no contact is putting me off a bit. Put some sugar on the deal maybe? Bring me back in :-)
Getting the silver here. It matches the hd-800 :-)
King CrabIf you ever get a pair you will have to pry the ladies off. And since you don't want to upset your wife you will have to give them to me :-)
I sure will.  Can't wait to get it.  MorbidToaster this is all your fault!
Just bought one!   my lcd-3 and hd-800 will be happy now
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