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I planned on upgrading the DAC as well. I just wanted to wait that one out a bit as burson is making a new dac and the schiit statement is coming. Now who knows if they will be better or worse than whats available but I kind of wanted see what they did before I decided on a dac. Everything I do is pc based and don't plan on switching any time soon. I figured if I got the 009 I could stop upgrading headphones for awhile as there is nothing better to get. That statement is a...
Any suggestions? Would prefer if it was made in the states or at minimum could be serviced here.
Not unhappy at all. I do like the Sq overall. But I'm never opposed to upgrading. The SR 009 appears the way to do that. There isn't an easy way to audition around here is the problem. As far as preference goes I lean more hd 800 than lcd-3. To me the lcd 3 sound stage doesn't even come close. Comfort in comparison is lacking.
Hello, I currently have a Cavalli Liquid Glass, LCD 3, and HD 800. Is the SR 009 really worth getting rid of all 3 and switching to a Liquid Lightning 2? Just contemplating if I would really be trading up in this situation as the two sets I have now do a good job of covering a wide range of audio spectrum. Also if all of the gear mentioned here only has 10-15 hours on it tops is $6000 to $6500 a fair assumption? The LCD 3 would come with 2 original single ended cables, a...
I have been using the apc s20blk with good results. Not sure if you can still find one though. Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk 4
Looking for a pair of Beyerdynamic clear gel pads for my DT 770. New pads only. Thanks
Are you on Spotify premium that streams at 320? If so something in your chain isn't right. I take even something like the hd 650 which is far less picky than the hd 800 and plug it into my computer through a creative x fi or even the realtek onboard sound it's certainly listenable. If I hook it into my amp and dac while playing the same song the sound is much more full and resolving. So if it's the same sound quality for you I have a feeling that you have some equipment...
There is no way you are serious. Hd 800 straight into a laptop? This is awful advice. There are slight differences between Spotify and uncompressed music. But it's not nearly as much as you make it out to be. A good amp and dac will almost always help. Especially with something like the hd 800.
What other higher end amps have you tried with it? I have a feeling you would change your mind if you herd the glass :-)
The Burson gear does great with the hd 650s but was pretty bad with the lcd 3. Have only ever tried the LCD 3 with the ha-160, soloist, and liquid glass. I made a post a while back about it I think. If I remember right there was others that agreed that the combo was just bad. Try it and you will see. Very flat and boring. This just might be me but for some reason after an hour session with the Burson LCD 3 combo my ears were really fatigued and had ringing. With the...
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