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Thanks for getting this done.  Ill take 5 as well.
Really? Bass didnt feel too strong to me.. well atleast comparing them to a HD-650 :D  
Looks really good assuming the measurements are correct :D. Go with it!    
I received mine today. I do like the packaging. It seems very nice for the given price. Fairly clean midrange however on the lower end it lacks a bit of power compared to some of other cheaper IEMS (sony). These particular IEMS are a bit light in the treble area as well. At first I did not like them much but they warmed up to me after a bit of use and I would not mind using them in my portable setup. Overall I think these fit very good in their price bracket. +...
How about this?  Can you do this for me (I can wish right?) ?  
  Your the man! (BTW those are carburetor chokes lol and yes I agree with you about the pointy)    
  Im game, hook me up!  I sort of envision something like this ......      
Bump.... Anyone???
Looks good, but something fancier would be nice .
Hello, on my amp I have two 1/4" HP jacks and there is one I never use.  Are there any nice looking plugs availiable that dont stick out really far that will keep all of the dust out? Thanks
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