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How are they vs the hd-650?
Since you own the gs1000i does that do okay with it? Or is the th900 that much better?
Yeah but that gives me no excuse to try something new :).  I guess if it came between the ps500, th900, and gs1000i which would win out in overall clarity and resolution? This would be my daily driver so to speak so being able to use it wherever would be fine.  Doesn't have to be portable though, for that I would just take an IEM with me.  Basically these need to be all around phones that I can wear for hours without fatigue.
Hmmm the th900 looks interesting. Anyone here try it unamped? Fostex hard to get support for in the states?
Looking for a summit-fi quality headphone that will be great unamped from something like a pc soundcard.  Is there anything else besides something like a PS500 or GS1000i?  I don't always have the time to fire up my whole audio rig so something I could hook up real quick to my pc would be nice.  Something along the lines of a hd-650 but better would be my preference.  Doubt there is anything HD-800 level out there but I am open to suggestion.  I use the DT-770 32 ohm...
Just listening to the XC for the first time.  Wow, Audeze fixed what I didn't particularly like about my LCD-3.  The treble is back!  Sound leakage is much less than the lcd-3 and is a welcome change for me.  The added treble does take away some of the lush feeling that the lcd-3 has for sure. Not as much creaminess (to dig up a old word :P ) as the LCD-3. These do sound more articulate than the LCD-3 in which there is a certain crispness that these headphones add. These...
Will probably be a bit, have a big exam in about 2 hours or so.  Then when I get home I get home from college I got another exam after that.  Probably won't be tonight :-(. The anticipation!!!
Here is my XC freq chart.  They came fedex today but I have not opened them yet.   Edit: first freq response of xc on head-fi!
Yeah :-(, would be awesome to have a matching zebra cup to accompany my LCD-3
Went for the bubinga. The purple heart is tempting but I was a little bit worried about it being too purple which may be harder to sell if I was ever crazy enough to do such things. I emailed audeze to get my freq response graph so I could post it.Just fyi. Audeze said that if the wood cups on the xc are removed then the warranty is void.I was hoping that I could buy the other wood cups and interchange them if I was in the mood for something different. Turns out that the...
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