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Hmm you could go Audeze if you want but from what I hear stats give a certain level of detail I do not think you will get with the LCD-3.  I own a LCD-3 and if you want a very smooth natural sounding headphone it may be for you.  But if it is the detail you want back I would start with a Sennheiser HD-800.  Pair that with a nice amp like a Woo Audio WA-5, DNA Stratus, Cavalli Liquid Glass, or even a HeadAmp GS-X if you want a SS amp. As far as a DAC goes maybe the new PS...
IMO the hd-800 is the winner hands down. The lcd-3 is more natural but the detail and resolution of the hd800 eats up the lcd-3.Wanted the sr009 just to try it with a liquid lightning.
Was selling it to get a sr009 but I'm not any more. Got to many planars and dynamics now to do that.
Getting it for $1250.... Not saying where though ;-)
Ok th900 it is. Thanks :-D
Yeah I already know what these are and what they do. You go try to find a bunch of unamped reviews and get back with me. I wanted real owners of th900s to try this and report back. If you have these, fine if you don't in not sure exactly how you are really helping here by posting that. I didn't get into this whole headphone thing yesterday ;-) as you can tell I have one or two.. There just isn't a place to audition high end gear here so I must rely on others for impressions.
So th900 it is? Any disagreements there?
The LCD-3 and LCD-XC on the Cavalli Liquid Glass is really something else. Recommended hands down. Only bested by an HD-800 but that's besides the point :-)
Ok going to pull the trigger on the t5p or the th900. Which one?  Tried the hd-650 unamped and its awful.  Cannot stand it.  Properly amped it may be my favorite of my collection at any price though :)
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