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You might want to look into IEMs.  I don't think good closed-back headphones exist.  If you lower your expectations a little, the Denon D2000 is ok, same with the Bose Triport AE2.  I didn't like the AHT-M50 as much.  The Triports seem to have very good audio positioning which is good for FPS games.  (I defeated an entire bridge clan by myself in America's Army by listening for footsteps with one).
  Yup.  I A-B'd them and found the HD650 to have slightly low treble, especially making cymbals sound a little dull. 
  What is this I don't even-
Excellent reviews!  I agree with the reviews and rankings for all the headphones listed that I've heard.  
I'd say they're about the same mid-wise.  Neither have sibilance.  HD650 has very slightly more bass and less treble than the HD600.  Bass=dark and treble=light/forward.  Don't let that confuse you
I owned both at the same time and kept the HD600.  The only difference I could tell between them was that the HD600 had slightly more treble and less bass than the HD650.  The HD600 sounded more neutral to me, so I went with it; though I'd be happy with either.  I use a $180 sound card (Xonar Essence STX) and I've tried more expensive DACs/amps and I don't notice any difference.  To get any improvement over this setup, you'd need to upgrade your headphones to at least...
According to this, "Audiophiles can't tell the difference between monster cable and coathangers".
Yeah, but you'll pay a huge markup.
The closed back on the Denons reflects sound and will produce a muffling / echoey effect characteristic of closed headphones which may make them sound less bright.
A pair of used HD 600s will beat all of those except the HD 650.  I A-Bed them all except the HD 598.  HD 650 is nearly identical to the HD 600.  It just has slightly louder bass and quieter treble.   Only get those denons if you NEED closed headphones.  There is a performance tradeoff.   You probably didn't enjoy female vocals on the DT770 due to its distant yet shallow soundstage and treble spike around 8-9kHz common among Beyerdynamics that makes female voices...
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