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That stator certainly looks nice.  The brass star is OK to be electrically connected to the perforated sheet.  No problem!   Wachara C.
There is no point in leaving a hole in the middle of the stator, IMO.
Hi jgazel,   I think you have a wonderful idea.  Just try it and let us know how it goes.    Happy New Year!   Wachara C.
Hi jgazal,   You can of course use any conductive material to make a stator.  However, the more important things are the flatness and rigidity.  If you are sure that you can do a good job with the fabric wires, I would say that it'll certainly work.   For ESL, many people like to build thier speakers using electrical wires.  You need to build a jig to hold the wires and stretch them.  It's not an easy job.  Also you'll have to consider the thickness of the insulator of...
Of course the Stax plug fits my socket perfectly.       Yes, sir!  I'll remember to do that next time.
Merry Christmas to everybody!   During the past few weeks, I've been trying to design and make Stax female sockets.  Here is what I've come up with using my 3D printer.         There are still some flaws but I think it's usable.  My printer is printing at 0.4 mm per layer.  If it can print at 0.2 mm, I think it'll turn out a lot nicer.   If anyone wants to try it, here is the link: 
 In SR007, the distance between diaphragm and stator is only 0.5 mm.  When there is a change in the pressure inside the cup, it's possible to make the diaphragm bounce somewhat.  If there is too much pressure change, the diaphragm hits the stator.  Imagine that you're wearing the headphones.  The earpads make a perfect seal between your ears and your headphones.  When you move the headphones around even a tiny bit, the pressure inside the seal changes. The fart sound is...
Come on guys! I've been trying to show you that there are a lot of commonly available stuffs that you can use to make a good coating material on the diaphragm. Of course, it's rather difficult to find the exact same product in every country. But I'm sure you can find something useful if you really look around. I would suggest that you go to a computer store and pick up a bottle of computer screen cleaner. The one that says to contain electrostatic discharge should all...
Hi Congo5,   Nice find!  See?  We don't really need to know what the stuff is made of.  If it works, it works.    I haven't tried window glass cleaner such as Windex, but I think it'll work too.   Wachara C.
 Hi OndesX, Don't think too much.  Just make them.   Wachara C.
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