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Let me show you a technic I use to clean small dust on my stators.       As you peel out the adhesive tape,  the dust go off with it.     Wachara C.
After spending more than 10 hours with the phones, I'm glad to say that the phones are stable with 0.5 mm spacers.  And they certainly sound very good with my KGSSHV.     Here are the details of my build.   1.  The active area is 120 mm x 76 mm.  2.  The perforated holes are 2 mm with the exception of the large 6 mm holes in the middle 3.  The spacer thickness is 0.5 mm. 4.  The diaphragm is 3 micron.     Wachara C.
 We're always here to help. 
 Maybe when I'm old and retired.   However, I highly encourage you to try to make them by yourself.  I'm sure that you'll have a lot of fun.   Wachara C.
Thanks for sharing this great video.  But you don't really need a clean box like that to make electrostatic headphones. 
The Float number 2 is now singing.      The stability is quite a bit better than the previous pair when using 0.5 mm spacers.   But I'm not sure if it's the hole in the middle or the shorter width of the spacer that helps.    Anyway, the phones now have pretty good dynamic and very wide sound stage.  The low bass still rolls off a bit when compares it with my Orpheus clone.  But, it's not bad at all.   Wachara C.
 You probably can't see from the pictures, but I've put a dust cover on already. By the way, about the noise from dust problem, the easiest way to help solve it is to paint your stators.  I always do that on all my stators.  I cover the stators with spacers and pray paint them.  I use permanent ink to cover the area where the paint misses out.  Then I chemically etch away the copper on the uncovered area.   If the paint is still in good shape after the etching process,...
At last, they are singing now.      I use just enough tension to get rid of the wrinkles on the diaphragm this time, and so far I think the phones have been pretty stable.  However, things might change when I put a headband on them.   Wachara C.
  That sounds like a fun DIY project. 
Hi Vlad,   Welcome to the DIY world.     1.  For typical tube amps, the amps are coupled with output transformers, and therefore the output voltage swing isn't all that high.  However, the amps for electrostatic headphones are connected directly to the headphones.  The voltage swing is as much as the power supply.   2.  Voltage swing from an amp can indeed be lethal.  So, we have to make sure that the headphones are safe enough to wear.  We normally use single sided...
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