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 Contact cement sticks to any surface very well.  We call it rubber glue here.  It's yellow in color.  You apply it on the spacer ring and let the glue dry for about 3-5 minutes; then you apply force to glue the ring to the diaphragm.  It should stick instantly and the bonding should be very high. Wachara C.
I use contact cement or rubber glue.  It's the only glue I've found that would stick to Mylar well.    Are you not using FR4 as your spacers?   Wachara C.
 I'm not sure what the thinnest thickness of the conductor traces can be.  For me that doesn't concern me at all.  All I want is the total thickness of spacer to be around 0.5 mm and stator of around 1 mm. I do not make my own coating material anymore.  I've been using computer screen cleaner gel or floor cleaner liquid as a coating material for many years already. Wachara C.
 That's an interesting idea.  Looking forward to seeing what they'll turn out to be.  :) Wachara C.
 Hi, If you can get Licron antistatic spary, you can use it just as it is.  Don't mix it with anymore graphite.  While you want the coating to be conductive, you want a very high resistivity too.  Mixing graphite will not make it better.  In fact, you might get lower resistivity and it's no good. Licron antistatic spray has proven by many DIYers to be very stable and long lasting.  You can insulate your stators whatever way you like.  If you can do a good job with epoxy...
Hi urlgr-A, How about you try it out and let us know if it works?
If you insulate your stators well, then there won't be arcing even if the diaphragm hits the stator. For headphones, you really want to use the thinnest spacers you can. In my early days, I used 1 mm spacers and biased them upto 1200V. Nowadays I only use 0.5 mm spacer and bias them at 580V. The thin spacers help a lot with the efficiency. I can play my music as loud as I can take and still the diaphragms are not hitting the stators.
  The "farting" isn't as bad on MK2 and 009.  I think it has to do with the diaphragm material and the way the driver is put together.
 I didn't mean that I preferred any of them, because I didn't get to A/B test them at the same time.  MK2 sounded very nice to my ears though.   The fart that I mention is the famous "fart" like sound from the drivers of SR007 MK1.  Very often you can hear it when you're wearing the headphones and suddenly turning your head or when you're chewing something. 
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