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 It's easier to just show you the pictures than to try to explain it.   The stator is glued to a piece of plastic.  The stator is perhaps powder coated.  So, it's insulated. When put together the different thicknesses of spacer and stator makes the air gap of around 0.4 mm.  There is about 1 mm of spacing between the outer diameter of the stator and inner diameter of the spacer.
 Do you know that Stax also uses PCB as stators and spacers is their SR007? In Stax Lambda series, the spacers are made of brass rings.
I too don't think humudity during the coating process has any bad effect on the coating material - my coating material is actually water base.   From time to time, my headphones do have some imbalance issue.  Most of the times when that happens, I find some small arc spots on the diaphragm.  The arc isn't severe, it just leaves spot marks on the diaphragm.  Recoating usually fixes it.   Wachara C.
I'm really sorry to hear about the imbalance issues.  Has anybody opened up his 009 to see the inside?   The imbalance problem can often be fixed with recoating the diaphragm.
Hi Bootdsc,   I didn't have to do anything.  I print all these parts out and they fit together nicely.   Well, at the beginning, all the prints were a big mess.  But now, I think I know what I'm doing and everything comes out OK.   Wachara C.
A local friend came to see my last weekend.  He brought with him a pair of his version of Omega style headphones.  We put them up with 3 microns diaphragms.  They sounded very lovely.         He is already into making another pair.  I'm sure they'll look and sound even better.    Wachara C.
 I just bought a roll of that stuff last Saturday, and I'll try it sometime.  :) Wachara C.
To my ears, they are same, same. However, I very much prefer the look of wood cups to plastic ones.Wachara C.
Well, they are finished. I put the drivers from my prior pairs into the 3d printed cups today. My 3d printer is Prusa i3.
 I make the headphones on my own pace.  They'll take me at least 1-2 weeks to make a pair. The cost of material isn't that much at all. 
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