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Don't underestimate the stretching strength of the diaphragm.  Please try to use the strongest adhesive strength glue you can find.     Wachara C.
No, please do not clean the electrostatic drivers like what you described. That will severely destroy the diaphragms. As long as the dust covers are in good shape, your drivers won't get dirty.
Hi CoffeeCutie,   That's a very nice write-up.   About the tensioning method for the diaphragm, if you use a 0.5 mm spacer with the active diaphragm of 80 mm like mine, it's impossible to just heat shrink the diaphragm.  Mechanical tensioning yields way better tensioning strength.  And I do recommend mechanical tensioning over heat shrinking.   Wachara 
That's a very good price CNC machine.
The 1 mm single sided FR4 is definitely the number one choice for stators.  But if you can find a good and stiff 0.6 mm double sided FR4, it also can be a good alternative too.  That's what Stax uses for its SR007 series.
Depending on the width of your active area, going thinner than 0.5 mm might not be a very good idea.  I would recommend you try different tensions to see how much tension you like best.  On my Omega clone, I can get the bass very much similar to what SR007 can do.  I really love it.   If you haven't tried, please try the JF style headphones.  Without ear pads, they sound rather different.  The sound is more natural and open.  I love it very much too.   I recently...
Hi David, Congratulations! Your headphones look great. Nothing sounds better than the DIY ones. I'm sure. Looking forwards to seeing more headphones from you. By the way, what is your spacer thickness? How do you like the bass? Wachara C.
I see.  Since your spacer thickness is rather big, it's OK to just heat shrink your diaphragms.   However, you lose a lot of efficiency.  If you can, please try again the 0.5 mm spacers.  All of my phones including JF clone now are using 0.5 mm spacers.  The efficiency is good and the bass is very nice too.
Hi Kubo-san,   You have got some very nice ideas.  Especially the way you make the headband, it's simply splendid.     Are you saying that even without using ear pads, your new headphones have more bass than SR407?  If that's so, it's a marvelous achievement.  What spacer thickness are you using?
  Sorry to hear about your motorbike accident.  I wish you a speedy and full recovery. Your driver looks really well made.  I'm sure it sounds sweet.  :) What kind of amp do you use to drive it?  Your bias voltage circuit looks interesting.  May I know its specification and where you get it from?
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