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Unless they are doing anything extraordinary, I really can't think of a reason to a have 8 pins connector. By the way, has anybody really got a chance to listen to the new headphones yet?
 I'm not sure about their diaphragm material, but I'm sure that you're wrong about the eight pins connector.  The HE90 connector on my DIY T2 is certainly only 5 pins.
The Super Ultra film is not Mylar. 
Mylar isn't like that.
Yes, I really like the sound from that super ultrafilm when it works. The problem is that the film is really sensitive to temperature change. If you use it as the diaphram, you want to use thick spacers. Otherwise, your diaphragm will be very unstable. Even the heat from uour body could change the its tension. Wachara C.
If you like bass, then you want to make the headphones with good seals. My Omega and Orpheus clones both give wonderful bass. The JF clone isn't bass shy though. It's more natural sounding. It's more like you're listening to loudspeakers than headphones. As of now, it's my favorite. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
I printed out the back covers using my 3D printer.  I think they turn out pretty good.  :)  
Those look really nice. Looking forward to seeing the finished product soon.
  Yes, I did my trials and errors until I got it right.  I don't know a formula to calculate it.
DIY electrostatic headphones can sound very nice. I often compare mine with Stax  SR007 MKII, and  SR009.  
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