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Many people have been sending me PMs to ask me about how to fix their dust covers.  Let me post some pictures here to show you how easy it is to replace them.   Suppose you have a broken dust cover as shown:     First you clean up the spacer ring holding the dust cover.  Then take a piece of 1 - 3 micron Mylar and crumple it.  Tape the Mylar on a table.     Since the Mylar isn't tension, I find 3M 77 spray glue to be very good.  Spray it on the rings and put...
Yeah, a DIY planar magnetic driver would be an interesting build.     If you have good step up transformers, the headphones can sound very good too.  However, many stat amps can do a better job.  You should look into building some of Dr. Kevin Gilmore's designs.  For JF style phones, given its size, you need a high voltage swing amp.  I would recommend at least +/- 400V.     Wachara C.
In my opinion, electrostatic headphones have plenty of bass already. I see no reason why you want to make hybrid headphones. I also make full range electrostatic loudspeakers, and I really like the way they sound. But I guess it all depends on the kind of music you listen to. Wachara C.
L300 is so new. It shouldn't have this problem. Could it be your amp? What amp do you use with the headphones?
If your headphones are old, it might take a little time to charge up.  Normally, it should take only a few minutes.  But if you have brand new ones, the charge up time is almost instantaneous.
Yes, I do recommend the inner tire stretcher. It's easy and cheap to make. Make the stretching area big enough for making a pair of diaphragms in one go.
Hi 100VoltTube,   DIY headphones are not cheap.  You first need to invest quite a lot on your tools.  However, if you already have access to the right tools, then you can make them very cheaply.  All you need to make your drivers are 1 mm and 0.5 mm PCB and some Mylar.  Ebay is a good source for these items.   My JF clone doesn't need a pair of close ear pads.  So, I think it can be very easy and cheap to build.  It sounds fantastic too.   Wachara C. 
Nice!     By the way, what is your spacer thickness and bias voltage?  The step up ratio of 1:180 is too much, IMO.
Hi David,   Your material used is interesting.  I wonder how you manage to solder the wires without melting your plastic.   I use my 3d printer to print the parts, and the ABS plastic I use has a quite high melting point.  So, it's very good for withstanding the heat from soldering.   You can find more information about KG amps at the other site.  From time to time, they have a group buy.  In fact there is one going right now.  But, I'm not sure if it's too late to...
Hi David,   I like your connectors.  Are they made of PVC?   About your amp,  I think you'll have a problem in the long run putting the tubes in the close box like that.  It's better to  have a good ventilation for tubes.   If you are going to build a new amp, please do consider KG's KGST or KGSSHV Carbon.  I have both and love them very much.     Wachara C.
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