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Hostaphan should be as good as Mylar.  Go for it.  :)
It will sound warmer.
It looks good.   :)
I always use 2 mm.
By the way, if you can get Staticide 6300 or 6500, I think they are better than the Swash floor cleaner.  Even though the floor cleaner works well for me, but yes, from time to time, I do need to reapply it to my diaphragms.  As for graphite powder, I don't recommend it.   Wachara C.
Yes, I can certainly make the plugs and jacks easily using my 3D printer.  It's the reverse principle of what a CNC router does.  For a CNC router, you cut away the material to make what you want, but for a 3D printer, you build up a tiny layer at a time to build up your design.  It's not that difficult to learn to use it too.  You should try.  :)   Wachara C.
Hi Vinh,   Welcome!   About the Stax plug and jack, you can now make them very easily using ABS filament printed from a 3D printer.     Have fun reading.  :)   Wachara C.
IMO, the difference between entry level Stax headphones and the top of the line isn't night and day.    The difference is even less when you compare say SR207 to SR407 or SR507.
Staticide 6500 should be very good too.
Yes, I think you are wasting your time.
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