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Still you can inject some silicone to further help the stability.
Yes, I can see that you don't have enough tension. You can try using a hair dryer to heat shrink the film more. It might help. Do you use tape to permanently bond the two stators together?
For ESL, we normally keep the spacer thickness to diaphragm width ratio to not more than 1:100. That means if you're using 1 mm spacer, you would want to keep the width of the diaphragm to not more than 100 mm or 10 cm. Your width of 23 cm is way too much and it's rather difficult to make the diaphragm stable. You can try to inject some silicone between stator and diaphragm every 10 cm horizontally. This helps as a spacer on every 10 cm. For bias voltage, you might...
 What is the size of your ESL?  What spacer thickness do you use?  What is the bias voltage?  How much is the step up ratio on your transformer?
What about just simply put your headphones in a zip lock bag?
Hmm.  A little misalignment shouldn't affect the sound level, IMO.     Perhaps you should use a clamp or two to hold to whole thing together tightly when you glue it.
 Hi BillG, As for me, I trust my ears more than anything.  By "just right", I mean it sounds good to my ears.  I really don't know how to quantify the feeling. Anyway, you can look at the FR of the 2 pairs of headphones that I sent to Tyll for measurement.  If that helps, that's what I meant by just "right". Wachara C.
There are really two ways to tension the Mylar.  You either stretch it or heat shrink it.  However, mechanical stretching gives far higher tension than heat shrinking.  I've tried many, many times to use just a hot air gun to heat shrink the diaphragm, but it just doesn't yeild enough tension.   Once the Mylar is mechanically stretched and glued to the spacer ring, if the glue is good, the tension stays stable for a long, long time.  So, please don't worry too...
I agree that using weights, once you get it right, you can have good repetitions. Your jig looks good. Go for it!
I don't use weights to stretch Mylar anymore. I use my inner tire stretcher instead. I stretch it so that the wrinkles are almost all gone. The elongation is just around 0.5% or less. It's rather difficult to describe. I encourage you to really try it and you'll understand.
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