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Hi musicinmymind,   A friend of mine sent me this pair of broken HE-6 that he didn't want it anymore.  I took out all the parts inside, made the inside measurements, drew all the parts, and made the parts using my CNC machine.  If you have access to a CNC router, you can do it.   If your HE-400 aren't broken, don't do it.  My biggest headache when making headphones is to make a decent and good looking headband.  I basically just use the HE-6's cups and headband for my...
I've almost forgotten that I made this pair of HE-6 to electrostatic conversion.  I'm listening to them right now.  :)     If anybody has a pair of broken HE-5 or HE-6 laying around, I highly recommend that you try this conversion.    Wachara C.
In my opinion, Lambda series are very good headphones.  Even the entry level SR202 or SR207 are very good already. In terms of sound quality, it's very difficult to say if the flagships are that much better.  I think it's up to a personal preference, if you don't consider about the cost factor. Wachara C.
I have mentioned it many times that contact cement is the only way to glue your diaphragms.
Congratulations on your good start. Looking at your pictures, I smile to myself thinking about the very first day I fire up my first pair of DIY headphones. They're pretty much in a lot worse case than yours. I didn't have any idea of what I was doing. My bias voltage was over 1000V and yet they didn't make any sound.About the shape of headphones, IMO, the shape doesn't matter. You want the largest diaphragm area you can make. The area does make a huge difference.If...
Thanks Azaan. I did have a wonderful birthday with my family.
 That's true.
Aluminum mosquito mesh and food wrap sound like a good combination.  However, I wouldn't recommend dish soap though.  Try floor cleaner or computer screen cleaner spray or gel instead. 
 Well, actually, you'll want to use higher bias voltage possible, because it gives you good efficiency.  However, as you increase your bias voltage, you have to make sure that you've done everything right.  And that's quite difficult. I go with 580V bias voltage simply because it's a Stax standard for all of their new headphones.  And I can just plug my headphones in any of Stax amp.  It makes my lives easier. Why are you aiming at 230V bias voltage?  I don't know what...
No, I don't think so.  The stuff used by Stax is definitely not similar to food wrap. I think I have posted this video before, but anyway, here it is possibly the easiest DIY electrostatic headphones ever built using food wrap as diaphragms.  I think they sound pretty good.  Wachara C.
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