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Hi OO, I'm not sure why you can't get enough tension on your diaphragm using inner tire method. As for me, I really have a hard time not to put too much tension on the diaphragm. It's so easy to pump too much air into the tire and that the diaphragm is too tight. About the noise in the drivers, it's very common. Most of the time it's dust in the driver. You have to clean your stators and diaphragm very well before you put everything together. It takes a lot of...
The headphones look really beautiful!  Congratulations!
I made this design a long time ago, but never tried to make it.     However, my CNC machine works better with drilling than routing.  So, I stick with drilling holes on the stators.   Wachara C.
Nice looking stators.   How do you stretch your Mylar now?  To get good bass, you need to tension your diaphragm just right - good stability and not too tight or loose.  It's not easy.   For me, stretching the Mylar to the exact right tension is still a problem.  I have to do and redo it many times until I'm satisfied.  Maybe it's time that we focus on experimenting the best diaphragm stretching method.  If you guys have any thoughts, please share...
For those who are interested in building ESL, I recommend you to check out this page.   Wachara C.
No worry about using the double sided tape. It's proven to work very well by many DIYers. Well, even Martin Logan is using it for making their ESL. You can also use cheap transfomers to make step up transformers if you are aiming to make hybrid ESLs. Wachara C.
That stator certainly looks nice.  The brass star is OK to be electrically connected to the perforated sheet.  No problem!   Wachara C.
There is no point in leaving a hole in the middle of the stator, IMO.
Hi jgazel,   I think you have a wonderful idea.  Just try it and let us know how it goes.    Happy New Year!   Wachara C.
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