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I see your pictures. Thanks for sharing. The headphones look really nice. I'm sure they sound very nice too. Congratulations! Wachara C.
By the way, what are your spacer thickness and bias voltage, inuponken?
You can store your pictures somewhere else and post a link here.
 Really like to see your photos.  :)
That's really nice to know. Looking forward to building the amp.
I really miss the JF clone that I sent to Kevin, and so I make myself another pair.  I had a hard time tensioning the diaphragm to the right tension.  So I added the thickness to the spacers for another 0.15 mm.  Playing the headphones with my KGST, I really like them.  :)  
Still you can inject some silicone to further help the stability.
Yes, I can see that you don't have enough tension. You can try using a hair dryer to heat shrink the film more. It might help. Do you use tape to permanently bond the two stators together?
For ESL, we normally keep the spacer thickness to diaphragm width ratio to not more than 1:100. That means if you're using 1 mm spacer, you would want to keep the width of the diaphragm to not more than 100 mm or 10 cm. Your width of 23 cm is way too much and it's rather difficult to make the diaphragm stable. You can try to inject some silicone between stator and diaphragm every 10 cm horizontally. This helps as a spacer on every 10 cm. For bias voltage, you might...
 What is the size of your ESL?  What spacer thickness do you use?  What is the bias voltage?  How much is the step up ratio on your transformer?
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