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  The "farting" isn't as bad on MK2 and 009.  I think it has to do with the diaphragm material and the way the driver is put together.
 I didn't mean that I preferred any of them, because I didn't get to A/B test them at the same time.  MK2 sounded very nice to my ears though.   The fart that I mention is the famous "fart" like sound from the drivers of SR007 MK1.  Very often you can hear it when you're wearing the headphones and suddenly turning your head or when you're chewing something. 
 Have you actually tried to fit them into the MK2's housing?  As far as I can remember, the measurements of the 2 are almost the same.
Why do you want to put the MK1 drivers in MK2 housing?
Hi OnyxOcelot, Most of us here are DIYers. We make the headphones base on trials and errors. I encourage you to do the same as I don't believe that you'll only make one pair. 1. I am not sure that smaller holes are better. I have been drilling 2 mm holes on all my stators, and I like all of them. 2. I use chemical etching method for etching out the unneeded copper. I think it etches out copper very evenly. 3. As for cable, try to get an extension cable of Koss...
Outstanding work!  Keep us posted of your progress.
The stiffness from styrene foam by itself won't be able to hold the diaphragm tension. You'll need to glue it to the stator then glue the diaphragm on. But I'm not sure how stiff your stator is. The stiffness does matter, because the air gap is only 0.5 mm. Any warping can cause unevenness and your driver won't be stable. I'm not sure how you can stabilize the diaphragm. Do you mean to use heat to further shrink the diaphragm? In my experience, if you use weight or...
Hi urlgr-A,   Your perforated metal sheet looks good.  I'm sure either one will work just fine.  Please be sure that the metal sheet still has very good insulation.   What would you use for your spacers?   The headphones with Arnaud now are my version 1, Jacklin Float style headphones.  The spacer is 0.6 mm, and yes, they require a bit more powerful amp than Stax headphones.   If you want to build your own amp, I highly recommend you build a KGSSHV.  It's...
By the way, if you tension your diaphragms using a tensioner, the diaphragms are already very tight.  The hot air from a hot air gun can't help to tension the diaphragm that much anymore.   Wachara C.
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