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Hi David,   Your material used is interesting.  I wonder how you manage to solder the wires without melting your plastic.   I use my 3d printer to print the parts, and the ABS plastic I use has a quite high melting point.  So, it's very good for withstanding the heat from soldering.   You can find more information about KG amps at the other site.  From time to time, they have a group buy.  In fact there is one going right now.  But, I'm not sure if it's too late to...
Hi David,   I like your connectors.  Are they made of PVC?   About your amp,  I think you'll have a problem in the long run putting the tubes in the close box like that.  It's better to  have a good ventilation for tubes.   If you are going to build a new amp, please do consider KG's KGST or KGSSHV Carbon.  I have both and love them very much.     Wachara C.
Do you lacquer your wood also?
The material use is actually up to your creativity.  As for my latest JF Clone, I use brass welding rods and hand bend to shape.  The back plates that hold the rods are 3d printed.  
This is what my coated diaphragm looks like.     I put my coating on using a lint free cloth (microfiber?) and buff out after it's dried.  Then, I check for the dust by looking at the diaphragm from the side, and I use the cloth again to clean away all the small particles.  
I have been using the floor cleaner I recommended for the past few years and I have no problem with it so far.  I can coat it extremely thin too.  In fact after the coating is dried and buff the diaphragm and the diaphragm is crystal clear with no trace of coating to be seen.  I think that's what a good coating should give.
Are you sure that Stax coats the diaphragm on both side? I once open up a SR207. After a close investigation, I'm pretty sure that it's coated only on one side.
Hi JFK,   You should try to read the thread.  The discussion on diaphragm coating has always been brought up again and again.  If you want to use graphite powder, don't mix too much with the glue.  You really don't want the diaphragm to be very conductive.  I've tried the mixture of graphite powder, PVA glue, and water.  While it works, the glue tends to absorb too much moisture from the air and eventually fails.  I really don't recommend it.  But if you just want to try...
I like your hand pump.
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