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Dish soap is certainly not that good.  Please also know that not all floor cleaners work either.    If you are going with 1 mm spacer, you can use a lot higher bias voltage.   I have tried 1.2KV in the past with no problem.    Good luck.   Wachara C.
Your problem could have been your coating on the diaphragm that isn't good enough or the bias voltage that isn't high enough.  If you have everything correct, I doubt you need so much power to feed your transformers that would burn them in the first place.    How big is your active area?  How thick is your spacer and what is your bias voltage?
Hi Ayaflo,   Are you making headphones or loudspeakers?   Either case, you need a lot higher turn ratio than 240 to 27V can do.  For headphones, the turn ratio IMO should be at least around 1:40.  For loudspeakers, I would go higher than 1:80.   Try finding a pair of 240V to 6V transformers to use with headphones.  That will give you a step up ratio of 1:40.  If you can't find them, you can use a pair of 240V to 12V for a similar result by simply series the 240V...
That looks interesting.  Let me know how well that works.  :)
The drivers look really nice. Congratulations! How will you make the headband?
The whole purpose of having the resistor here is for limiting the current going through. In case of accident, the resistor can save your life. If you have a few 1M resisters, why don't you series them together to get the value closer to 5M? Yes, the resistor should be rated for the working voltage though.Wachara C.
5 Mohm doesn't have to be exact. I used 20 Mohm in my early DIY amp with no problem.
Hi Dave, I used to use Staticide ESD, but I ran out of it. If you've read through the thread, I'm sure you know that I now use a floor cleansing liquid to coat my diaphragm. It's readily available in big supermarkets in my area, and it's cheap. I use contact adhesive for gluing the diaphragm. Other kinds of glue don't stick to Mylar that well. You can put a lot of tension on the Mylar and a good contact adhesive will hold it. No problem. I apply the glue to the...
Hi Dave, Since you already have headphones that don't work well, opening them up and seeing how they're put together for yourself would answer a lot of your questions already. I don't glue the other spacer to the diaphragm. In my later builds, I use plastic screws to clamp everything together. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
The X-Ray picture looks interesting.   There are many ways to make a stator.  You can make it from a piece of plastic then paint the surface with a conductive paint, for example.     You can cut a piece of plastic to make a spacer.  You glue a diaphragm on it and then coat the diaphragm with antistatic gel.  Then you make a small conductive connector on the other spacer to connect the cable and use it as a bridge to connect the cable with the conductive diaphragm when...
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