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There are really two ways to tension the Mylar.  You either stretch it or heat shrink it.  However, mechanical stretching gives far higher tension than heat shrinking.  I've tried many, many times to use just a hot air gun to heat shrink the diaphragm, but it just doesn't yeild enough tension.   Once the Mylar is mechanically stretched and glued to the spacer ring, if the glue is good, the tension stays stable for a long, long time.  So, please don't worry too...
I agree that using weights, once you get it right, you can have good repetitions. Your jig looks good. Go for it!
I don't use weights to stretch Mylar anymore. I use my inner tire stretcher instead. I stretch it so that the wrinkles are almost all gone. The elongation is just around 0.5% or less. It's rather difficult to describe. I encourage you to really try it and you'll understand.
Hi Arnaud,   To make a match pair, I just stretch the Mylar that is just big enough for one pair.  That saves a lot of time and headache.   If I need to find whether they're really match, I simply knock them against the edge of a table and compare the sounds.  The match pair should sound very similar.   Wachara C.
Quote: Using the method I posted certainly works, but I haven't spent enough time doing trials and errors to get the right weights.  Whatever method you choose to use, you'll just need to try, try, and try until you get it just right.  It's not so easy. Wachara C.
I think it's rather difficult to calculate the right tension. Even if you can, how can you make sure that you can get the exact right tension? I always stretch the diaphragm so that it's free of wrinkles or almost free of. The elongation is probably only around 0.5%. However, since the tension isn't so much. It's rather difficult to get a consistent result. I eventually have to do it a few times before I'm happy with the result. I suggest that you just try it and...
Stretching the diaphragm that much is way too much, unfortunately.
Trial and error will be your very good friend.
Hi OndesX,   Yes, the Mylar can be a headache to work with.  The thinner you go, the easier it'll break.   The correct tension value, in your case, will be the amount of weight you put on.  Isn't it?   Before you can get the right value, you'll just have to do a lot of experiments.  Too much tension, there will be less bass.  Too little, the diaphragm will not be stable.     Wachara C.
 Hi OndesX, Your diaphragm stretcher looks interesting.  Have you tried it with 2 or 3 microns Mylar yet? Wachara C.
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