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Price lowered.   Here are some shipping costs with tracking: Germany: 5€ insured up to 500 € or fully insured 10 € UK, Netherlands, France, Spain, etc.: 14 € North America: 50 € fully insured
 Plastics1 industry reference cable. What's wrong with it? Just wondering. I think it's very flexible, 1.6 ohms is standard for pretty much every cable except Linum, it's thin and straightens out nicely. What did you replace it with?
For sale is the legendary Chord Hugo from my private collection because I will upgrade to Hugo 2.   Has original packaging and all accessories. Includes the 105 £ leather case. Two minor scuffs on the corners where the Hugo lost some color. I reckon one could paint it over. (View two last pictures.)   First owner, non-smoker, no pets. If you have concerns with my reliability, do know that I'm author on and   Shipping via DHL from Germany....
 Well, I wasn't too far off then.  I think InEar set the bar unreachably high with the ProPhile 8. It's seriously the most transparent IEM I've heard to this date. Musical, too, without the sterile and analytical sound of an Etymotic.So VE6 is still the neutral reference. I was hoping VE8 would be an improved VE6. At 2.400 € out of my reach anyway.
  I ordered my balanced cable from It seems very functional. It has a DIY touch but it is well rounded with experience. As you can see from the size comparison, it feels heftier than the stock cable but it straightens out nicely. I expect it to be better shielded. Not something that will matter a lot at 2m length but good to have. The 4-pin connection fits into the headphones' jack without any problems.   An easy recommendation for the asking price of...
I wonder what the VE8 will be tuned like. VE6 is supposed to be neutral, although it's a little bit too harsh, thin and analytical. VE5 is for mids. VE4/ Stage 4 is for balanced signature.   The Vision Ears line-up is lacking a warm monitor, something like Stage 5 to complete the group. But considering the high price of VE6, I doubt the VE8 can achieve better clarity than VE6 and still be attractive for the price.   So my guess is the VE8 wants to challenge the...
I received my NF6i from NF-Audio yesterday.   I am honestly positively impressed. I will be writing an in-depth review and compare to ProPhile 8, Jomo6 V2, VE6 and maybe what else I see fit.   These are nicely tuned. Flat treble, clean mids and a little extra sub-bass for musicality. Overall very transparent sounding.        
I agree with Sabloke. I had both and did a review comparison. Both are beautiful and well-built, but PM-3 isolate better. The pads ARE replaceable, btw. But you have to contact support for replacement, the pads are not easily available for purchase.
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