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 Hi! Remember me? :)
I don't understand why there are not simply two or three different sizes for headbands for conventional headphones. There is always somebody complaining about either lacking pressure or too much of it. Why not simply offer two sizes? I don't get it...
I agree! The LCD cable makes me drool.
I have much respect for you inside knowledge!
Interesting! Thank you for the detailed info, Tomscy.   I wanted to pick up the Onkyo A-9050 the other day and I was wondering why brands like Onkyo, Yamaha and Denon were ignoring the portable audio market. I guess I was wrong... Too bad that a) the DAC is not available in Europe, and b) it's only rebranded. I like the speaker amps from Onkyo, I would like to see what they could come up with for headphones.
Price drop for this month only:   Meier-Audio Corda Jazz headphone amplifier - outside EU: drop from € 295 to 220 - inside EU: drop from € 345 to 260   I have one myself and it's really high quality. 0,1 ohms output impedance, front-panel gain switch, crossfeed, ...
Time for some serious A-B comparison!       I can give my final thoughts on HD600 vs HD650 in about 2-4 weeks. By then I will have switched cables, amps and sources.
After one week with the HD650 I have to say I prefer the HD600. I bought the HD600 earlier this year and I was hoping the 650 could add some width to soundstage and deeper extension in the bass.   Right now I think that the upper bass of HD650 is too bloated and also congests the mids. I can easily understand why many complain about a veil. It's a very soft and warm sound. The HD600 sounds fresher, quicker and more open. It's also a warm tuning but not overly...
 I have an Epiphany O2 but I don't like that the input is in the front and that it runs on battery. It doesn't look good as a desktop solution and it's an annoyingly big brick for portable use. I want to get rid of it soon.
 Thanks, I didn't consider Schiit yet.
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