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I have much respect for you inside knowledge!
Interesting! Thank you for the detailed info, Tomscy.   I wanted to pick up the Onkyo A-9050 the other day and I was wondering why brands like Onkyo, Yamaha and Denon were ignoring the portable audio market. I guess I was wrong... Too bad that a) the DAC is not available in Europe, and b) it's only rebranded. I like the speaker amps from Onkyo, I would like to see what they could come up with for headphones.
Price drop for this month only:   Meier-Audio Corda Jazz headphone amplifier - outside EU: drop from € 295 to 220 - inside EU: drop from € 345 to 260   I have one myself and it's really high quality. 0,1 ohms output impedance, front-panel gain switch, crossfeed, ...
Time for some serious A-B comparison!       I can give my final thoughts on HD600 vs HD650 in about 2-4 weeks. By then I will have switched cables, amps and sources.
After one week with the HD650 I have to say I prefer the HD600. I bought the HD600 earlier this year and I was hoping the 650 could add some width to soundstage and deeper extension in the bass.   Right now I think that the upper bass of HD650 is too bloated and also congests the mids. I can easily understand why many complain about a veil. It's a very soft and warm sound. The HD600 sounds fresher, quicker and more open. It's also a warm tuning but not overly...
 I have an Epiphany O2 but I don't like that the input is in the front and that it runs on battery. It doesn't look good as a desktop solution and it's an annoyingly big brick for portable use. I want to get rid of it soon.
 Thanks, I didn't consider Schiit yet.
Hey guys, may I join the thread? I was curious and I've been using the HD600 for a while. However, I preferred portable setups for music so the HD600 became my TV/movie headphone (replaced my DT880 for that purpose). With some movies I thought I wouldn't mind a bit more low-end and some more space. So I grabbed a HD650 as well.     I am now looking for a better matching desktop amp. I prefer solid state over tubes so I was recommended the beyerdynamic A20....
Thank you for sharing!
Don't mind me, just dropping a few pictures.     Didn't have time to test it yet. But it weighs less than I would have thought.
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