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is there any special discount that they are giving? the only thing i saw in their site is um philippines is coming in like 6 hours
:( thats unfortunate hopefully it isnt yet..
Does this group buy include Canada?
Has anyone received their sm3 v2 yet? im really excited to know if there was an improvement in sq or not aside from their new and improved housing design
im probably going to either reshell my sm3 or upgrade to v2 
has this been confirmed yet? if its true then id be very happy :D
im quite sad that i just ordered the old sm3 just when it came out... i might try reshelling mine :o has anyone ever gotten there sm3 reshelled before?
i think its because im cute :) not that you arent but im just more cute :)
yeah :P theyve fixed most of the problems that the previous version had especially the housing and the replaceable cable is a big plus!  
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