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Lemme clarify here. I have a pair of ultrasones so I can already say that I want a deeper bass than the tight bass that the ultrasones produce. I want the bass to be tight, and have a deep, rumbling sub-bass. Something maybe "darker?" than the ultrasone sound...the ultrasones are a bit too crisp for some genres of bassy music.   Anyone heard the M100s? Are they worth the $200 more they are than the other headphones on this list?   I'm leaning towards the ah-m50s...
Whats happening,    like the title says I'm in the market for some cheap, durable, and portable overear headphones. I have some ultrasone pro900s at home but those need an amp and I hate the inconvenience of dragging one around with me. I need a pair of headphones that "go to 11" soundwise and have a thunderous bass (subbass-midbass-all bass). I want to pull the trigger on one of these but I am kind of lost any guidance would be appreciated...thanks much. 
Can I run these without an amp? I have pro900s that I need to amp and I'm looking for some sturdy bass heavy headphones that I don't need to amp...would these fit the bill? 
what do you guys think about using the magni with the pro900s? 
    Really??? so glad I didn't get that e7. What differences are you noticing off the bat? 
Haha the band sun O))) is after one thing and one thing only: to find the "brown note". They have postulated that there is a note of low enough frequency sound that it can actually make people poop their pants...this is called the "Brown note"...its science not insanity lol (note....its not really science) 
You know what I took the leap..I found a pair of klipsch x10i lou reed (purple, yeah but I like it lol) on amazon for 230 new and I grabbed them. I had to expedite shipping because I wanted it NOW and I just got them hours ago. I love them. They are great. The cord makes a lot of noise when you walk but they sound great unamped and are just what I was looking for. 
Yeah! Gotta love those 9+ % beers!    Is anyone here as off the IPA craze as I am? I think the time has passed and I am just about done with people "hyper-hopping" beers just because its fashionable now-a-days. 
^ sunn O))) eh? Did you poop? they are on that quest to find the "brown note"
Yeah I think when I sent them in something else went wrong because they came back sounding worse then when they left! Hopefully whatever their RMA process is it works better then it did before lol. I would love to be as bold with my DIY projects as you are with yours, do you know how to solder? if so how did you learn? 
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