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Oh god, I can see that this is back to haunt me
I should be there. I'm not going to bring any equipment unless it's necessary.
Oh god this has returned
EDIT: it does the same thing on my Mac Mini with Boot Camp and I didn't realize it previously. Any ideas?
I just figured something out: it goes away if I change the output from 16/44.1 to 24/192 in Windows sound control panel. I am lost, why would it be noisy in 16/44.1?
Hi,   I just changed the hard drive and installed Windows 7 on an old HP HDX 16 which had been sitting around for a year and a half with Vista and probably thousands of viruses.   I installed the Schiit drivers, and when I use it with Spotify or the like, if I pause the music and turn the volume control up very high, there is a prominent white noise. This doesn't occur when using Foobar2000 with the WASAPI driver.   Does anyone have a possible...
Thank you!
Thank you! I will take a look. Would it be possible to easily procure an XLR - TRS adapter?
Hi!   I'm currently using the LCD-3 with the Gungnir/Mjolnir combo and I love it. The problem is there's an intermittent buzzing in the right channel that appears to come from my house's electricity and isn't Schiit's fault (they replaced the Mjolnir once). A hospital-grade transformer does nothing. This makes me want to use them a lot less than I should. I absolutely love them but the buzzing from the Mjolnir drives me up a wall.   So, I'm looking for either a...
Thanks! But no, after the World Cup. I'm learning Portuguese for fun so I'll have an opportunity to speak it .
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