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I don't get them when using my Gungnir with the same computer. It's a MacBook Pro and I'm using Audirvana+, along with Spotify, and YouTube for videos.
I'm still getting random clicking sounds, even with the Fulla moved away from my iPhone and not using the wall adapter. I can't seem to figure it out, they seem very random.
I'm using the HD650 with it and only have to turn the pot about 1/4 of the way for decent volume.
I do in fact have an iPhone right next to it, I should have thought of that before. It is always on LTE and connected to wifi, however. I'll have to move it and see if that changes anything.
I received mine today and have been enjoying it a lot. The volume control seems to be centered enough to my standards. One thing I have noticed is that there are some sporadic noise artifacts that are happening using my MacBook Pro with Audirvana Plus (as well as using it normally, if I remember correctly). I'm not sure why this is, I doubt it's a problem with the Fulla 2 but I would like to be able to figure it out.
Hi,   My XB-300's are getting a bit long in the tooth with the driver damaged on one side, and I'd like to replace them. Sadly, they aren't being made any longer. These are my throw around pair of headphones, and I'd like to replace them with something that can also be thrown around, is just as comfortable (I can barely even feel them), and doesn't leak a ton. Sound quality isn't really a goal, but I'd rather that they weren't grating on the ears at the very...
Oh god, I can see that this is back to haunt me
I should be there. I'm not going to bring any equipment unless it's necessary.
Oh god this has returned
EDIT: it does the same thing on my Mac Mini with Boot Camp and I didn't realize it previously. Any ideas?
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