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I just have to say that these are really cool; I have a pair myself and they're quite nice sounding!
I've decided to hang on to this for now. Thanks! :)
Hi!   This bundle includes:   Audez'e LCD-3 w/ Travel Hard Case (I have the graph and can probably find the original cables) Schiit Gungnir USB Schiit Mjolnir Bellatone Audio Balanced LCD-3 Cable Set of Schiit XLR Pyst Cables   I absolutely love all of these magnificent pieces of gear, but, alas, they must go, for I have found a new hobby, called photography. As this is a large amount of heavy and expensive gear, I will only sell locally in Southern California. I...
I'll be there! I don't know what I'll bring if anything yet though.
Hi,   I installed Windows 7 to play around with and after doing so for a while I sure am glad I can just go back to my Mac. ^^   But, nevertheless, it IS fun to fiddle with, and I am using WASAPI in Foobar with my Gungnir. Now, the sample rate is changed automatically based on which song is playing, but the bit depth stays at whatever I set it at. Is there any way to make it change automatically based on what song is playing so there's no changes going...
Yes, I'm the first again! I thought it was really fun. Can't wait to see the pics and the time lapse movie!
Could someone bring a spare optical cable? I could bring a CD player to connect to the Gungnir and Mjolnir if people want to listen to their CDs. And I might bring the LCD-3's after all. I should be there close to 10. Can't wait!
Oh sorry they're LCD-3 balanced cables.
If anyone wants me to bring a Mjolnir and Gungnir, I can. I'd prefer not to bring my LCD-3's if I can avoid it, but you'd be free to use your balanced headphones with the Mjol and Gung with my laptop (I have Spotify and also a bunch of lossless music of various types).   If anyone wants to try out the Bellatone Reference cables, I can bring those too. They're very nice.   See you there!   Ben
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