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Hi,   My XB-300's are getting a bit long in the tooth with the driver damaged on one side, and I'd like to replace them. Sadly, they aren't being made any longer. These are my throw around pair of headphones, and I'd like to replace them with something that can also be thrown around, is just as comfortable (I can barely even feel them), and doesn't leak a ton. Sound quality isn't really a goal, but I'd rather that they weren't grating on the ears at the very...
Oh god, I can see that this is back to haunt me
I should be there. I'm not going to bring any equipment unless it's necessary.
Oh god this has returned
EDIT: it does the same thing on my Mac Mini with Boot Camp and I didn't realize it previously. Any ideas?
I just figured something out: it goes away if I change the output from 16/44.1 to 24/192 in Windows sound control panel. I am lost, why would it be noisy in 16/44.1?
Hi,   I just changed the hard drive and installed Windows 7 on an old HP HDX 16 which had been sitting around for a year and a half with Vista and probably thousands of viruses.   I installed the Schiit drivers, and when I use it with Spotify or the like, if I pause the music and turn the volume control up very high, there is a prominent white noise. This doesn't occur when using Foobar2000 with the WASAPI driver.   Does anyone have a possible...
Thank you!
Thank you! I will take a look. Would it be possible to easily procure an XLR - TRS adapter?
Hi!   I'm currently using the LCD-3 with the Gungnir/Mjolnir combo and I love it. The problem is there's an intermittent buzzing in the right channel that appears to come from my house's electricity and isn't Schiit's fault (they replaced the Mjolnir once). A hospital-grade transformer does nothing. This makes me want to use them a lot less than I should. I absolutely love them but the buzzing from the Mjolnir drives me up a wall.   So, I'm looking for either a...
New Posts  All Forums: