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Yup excellent photos. :] Thanks again for bringing all that wonderful gear to the meet charliex. The K1000s are definitely on my upgrade path, but funds are lacking atm so I have to save up first. I rarely see used units go on sale anyway, so I reckon there's ample time to save up and do research, etc.
I have to say - didn't know what to expect coming to my first meet, but I had a very nice time geeking out with such friendly and knowledgeable head-fiers lol. I also enjoyed listening to everyone's gear, but I was particularly impressed by MickeyVee's Lyr and charliex's K1000 and SR007; hoping to build a system around them later on. And yes - Pavel's such a wonderful host. :] I'm already looking forward to the next meet!
Ah, I've been looking to attend one for a while now - leaning towards Aug 26th but I'll try to come over on the 12th if that turns out to be the consensus date.   I'm looking to bring a bunch of IEMs, the DT1350s and probably a full-sized pair (or two). It'll be a bit of an adventure lugging stuff around on public transit lol.
Assuming that the seller purchased them during the BOGO event at some Future Shop store in Alberta, he would've had to pay 99.99 CAD + 5% GST for two pairs (~105 CAD total); so ~53 CAD for a single pair is right on the mark.   The seller also mentioned that he had to pay for shipping (i.e., he's not charging extra for gas); however, Future Shop offers free ground shipping on orders over 20 CAD. It's a bit of a stretch that one would pay for premium shipping after taking...
For Canadian head-fiers: Future Shop has a BOGO deal (link) going on for JVC headphones. I've been eyeing the FXT90s for a while now so I ordered two pairs for myself and my brother; it came to just over 110 CAD. :]
Just for the record: I'm not as much of a stickler when evaluating IEMs as I am with full-sized cans because I only use IEMs on public transit; as such, I'm unable to listen to them as critically as some other head-fiers do. (Evaluating full-sized cans is a whole other ballgame, but I'll leave my thoughts on that for another time/context.) Also, I purchase everything that interests me, as long as it's within my budget; anything that fails to live up to my expectations...
The FX500s have loads of bass presence, more of the sub bass than the midbass that's characteristic of the IE8s and DDMs. I suppose bass texture won't be that much of a concern listening to hiphop or electronica but as I listen to classical mostly through them when on the go, it has to be said: that's what I love the most about the FX500s. The texture contributes significantly to the great timbre that the FX500s are known for. They're quite sibilant though. I don't know...
y halo thar
Sickest bump I've seen in a while (and I'm not helping either).   You probably didn't notice, but the cans were listed FS more than 8 years ago.
I bought a Fiio E5 with the express purpose of amping my HD238 during portable use. The amp does a fine job at boosting the lower end without much loss of clarity. I've found that the bass becomes overbearing when amped through a more powerful source, however.
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