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  We've found that the impact from the treble adjustment is highly headphone dependent. On some headphones it makes a very noticeable impact; while on others, the difference isn't as noticeable. So I guess it's all up to the gear and listener preferences. 
 So glad to hear your ZO is up and running again! Happy dance! It's so funny that you asked about good songs for rocking out with the ZO. It just so happens I started a playlist of our favorite tracks for demoing a couple weeks ago, but for whatever reason, never got around to posting it. So thank you for bringing it up. Ask, and you shall receive... right?! LOL (be sure not to miss the little "call to action"...
  I'm so sorry this happened to you! Cindy from customer service just sent you an email with info on how to get your ZO up and running again so you can continue to rock out! ;-)
 Yes, you are correct. That is the only difference.
 Today we received our shipment of enclosures, so they are still shipping. Speaking of which - thank you for the reminder that I need to update the website. :-)
  Whenever Paul explains it to someone, he always uses the analogy of making cookies (i know it sounds strange, but bear with me). The core ingredients for every chocolate chip cookie recipe is fundamentally the same - flour, sugar, chocolate chips, etc. But, the proportion of ingredients you use, in what order you add them, the temperature you bake them at and for how long you bake them can all make a HUGE difference in the final result. So in the case of SmartVektor, the...
 While it will give you a general idea of how it will sound, from our experience, recordings only give about 60% of the overall "effect". Having the right hardware is extremely important for proper reproduction, and while a good amp will help, there are other hardware-related trade secrets that can make all the difference. It's one of reasons why we haven't done a software implementation of SmartVektor. ;-)
We'll be there representing digiZoid! We'll be bringing our new ZO FS/ZO FS+ headphone amps for everyone to check out. We had a blast there a few years back and can't wait to see you all again!
Hey everyone, as promised, here is the guide I promised I'd put together on how to double amp with multiple ZOs (in particular, a ZO/ZO2 and a ZOFS/FS+). After spending more time with this setup, Paul and I are very intrigued with the sound it gives. So much so, we'll be running some frequency response plots on it for further investigation. If our theory is correct, we believe that using 2 ZOs in series will function like a parametric EQ. If so, it may be an interesting...
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