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Quick Tip... For those of you who want a good track that showcases the treble, Breathe by Prodigy is excellent!
 They will start shipping soon.
 Regarding the crackle/popping sounds — Since it only seems to occur while you are actively using your phone/tablet, then chances are they're being generated by your audio sources, and not the cable or ZO. To be sure, could you please answer the following questions:  What volume settings are you using on both your audio source and ZO? What app(s) are you using to playback music and what other apps do you have running in the background while listening? Are you using the...
 SOOO glad to hear you like it! When it comes to the treble, it (of course) depends on your headphone's frequency response in the treble range. However, I would like to recommend Imagine by Armin Van Buuren. Not only is this one of my all-time favorite tracks, I feel like it perfectly showcases SVT's capability.  I would also like to mention that the treble is meant to be a little more subtle than the bass (i.e., fletcher-munson curves). ;-)
 No problem!  Regarding the size... it's honestly quite amazing to see how much more circuitry is packed in to the ZO FS, yet the size remains almost the same! And surprisingly, most of the size increase is due to the larger capacity battery and OLED screen.  
Btw, for those of you who were interested in the enclosure finish, this is what it looks like close up (it's very close to brushed aluminum):  
 Just responded. Everything went through ok.  :-)
Samples of the anodized aluminum enclosure came in today!
 It absolutely is of high quality! Check it out: Choosing just the perfect volume control was one of Paul's biggest priorities. Apparently this volume control is not your typical type - you have to have a microprocessor just to program it! Therefore, you won't find it in more common headphone amps. It's most often used in professional recording equipment.
Today we ran some preliminary tests on the ZO FS+ engineering sample. We're happy to report that channel balance was spectacular: within 0.06 dB @ 100mV/1kHz (at an amplifier gain of 2.7)!!   Perfect for our IEM users!
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