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  Thanks GSARider, sounds gooood!
  The included cable is copper.
  I was asked by the audiologist that I used to put the bit block toward the back of my mouth, not between my front teeth. When my IEMs arrived they were slightly too big, but whether this was due to the bite block position I do not know. I used a JH-Audio recommended audiologist on Harley St. in London, so they should have been good.   I think fit issues is part of the course with custom IEMs, and you just have to accept it.   If you do have to have your IEMs adjusted,...
  Cool, thanks. I had a good listen to the AK100 at the last meet (as I'm looking for a good DAP to go with my JH-13s) and I was impressed with it, so it'll be interesting to hear the 120. Not sure I'll be able to get past the price tag though!
  From what I've read, and the conversations I've had with people who have tried both, the difference is quite noticeable.
Nicely done review, thanks.
Happy to do the first stint in the listening room.
I think having a range of suppliers there is a good thing. They bring along nice gear for people to try, which is what it's all about! Based on my past experience, suppliers don't push their wares at meets as they don't need to. We're all a bunch of rabid gear freaks and so the stuff just sells itself most of the time  They are however usually willing to talk in depth about the product so it's a good opportunity to learn more.   So long as there's plenty of room for...
  I looked out for the glacier at the London meet as I really wanted to try it with my JH-13s. Shame I missed it. Hopefully it'll make a re-appearance at the October meet.
Panicked for a moment there, thought I wouldn't be able to make the new date due to being on-call. Luckily I come off-call the day before    I'm sure you've got everything more than under control Nadeem, but if you need any assistance with the next event I would be happy to lend a hand.
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