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Guys im on the medium clear stock tips got down to the very end of the filter not the the mid ring that less thick( got the original lenght filters) i find all the others much more sibilance, harshy or leak of bass( due to leak of fit) but on this tips there some sibilance on some songs as calvin harris-blame/nicky romeo - i could be the one really harshy maybe the Spiral Dots or Spin Fits can help to smooth the treble?
Please send offers any1 need international shipping
so best tips with those are the Large SpinFits or UE600/900?
Are there any reviews of?My main use of iems are gym weight lifting... And travel.How are the fxh 30 in terms of BQ, isolation, comfort?The macaws real premium and tank bq
Are there any better options under 100$ now? Only over the ear style so no e80
Saw more people saying the same... Even macaw gt100s > titan so why no high maintened hype jesus?? About the source power can be sound good without amp but strong source?
Do you know how the macaw gt100s going against them?
E80 over A73? Are those real good? Can those be worn over the ear cable.
guys i had gr06 for 3.5 years theyre dead now and looking for replacement. the macaw gt100s is my current best options as they have the bright sound and details i needed from my gr06. theyre over the ear as the gr06(gym) and they look to outperform every other iem under 100$ (ostry kc06a, havi b3pro1, vsd5, etc) what do you say guys?
almost bought them and then saw the review of the macaw gt100s...theyre better than the vsd5 as twister says
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