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  You said it nicely in 1 word,friend. I will order them today hopefully they will arrive till end of this week or next sunday. Thank you.
So guys after reading here about them do you think theyre better than AKG k430/450,ATH-Sj55, or any foldable headphones around the 50$ price?
after a research found the JVC HA-S400 for decent price+fast shipping and i found some good reviews about them in their "offical thread" so i think ill go for them.
Thank you friend, I didnt like the portapro too much so other offers are welcome.
Hello Im looking for portable (foldable or compact style) headphones with good soundstage,detail,bass,not harsh and comfort. i really liked the AKG k430 but theyre like 52$ inc shipping to my country(Israel) so looking for something simillar... Please give me advices, Thank you.
Hello, My onboard sound card is dead... so i need some cheap but acceptable USB sound card i have vsonic gr06 IEM but thinkin to get some full size headphones btw wanted to ask if i can connect this usb card to my galaxy phone and if the sound will better than the stock DAC   so i need your help to get some cheap sound card that will give me decent audio output Thank you.
hello i need a link to that kind of adapter from ebay  or any other international shipping site. (not Amazon) Thank you
need help as fast as possible please.
bump help me i need a fast replies
Hello Do the gr06 on their site comes with cable clinch and shirt clip(newer  batch i think it named) And the gr04 is the pro flagship version? because by the specs it is but the name is not mention there.   i have opened other thread about which one is better  the pro flag ship gr04 or the gr06 so answer here or there if u can...   Thank you very much.
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