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Thanks! Had to grab one of those.
So what is the lowest price for a brand new copper controltalk version through an authorized seller? I plan on calling onecall and J&R for their lowest price, but I'd like a reference point.
Sony IEMs are solid and cheap if you need to drown out ridiculous amounts of noise. I have a pair of $30 Sony's that control an iphone with mic and they have all the isolation you need when playing music. I had a job for 3 months where I worked all day in a room next to a huge speaker broadcasting foreign programming to a warehouse of half deaf people. I had to write complex reports and carefully audit thick files. Sony IEMs and an iPod did the trick. Don't waste your...
Well, I was just about to pull the trigger and get one of these models, but now I'm going to wait a bit. Thanks for the heads up.
  Monster voids your warranty if you buy their product from an unauthorized dealer or you buy an open box item. Check Monster's site for a list of authorized dealers. Onecall and J&R are listed, but you should buy new in box directly through their respective websites. If you buy through Amazon, even though it states that it actually comes from Onecall or J&R, the warranty will be void because Amazon is not an authorized dealer.  
From watching a couple of youtube videos, in addition to the nice monster 1/4inch adapter, the included Super Tips come in separate sealed silver packaging that actually says "Super Tips" in nice black lettering. The fakes have similar looking silver packaging but there is no lettering. Maybe someone with more experience can confirm or deny this, as I have not yet purchased the coppers.
I would guess that they sent you a new one because they were out of open box. Unfortunately, I would also guess that if your receipt says open box, then your warranty is no good through Monster. Maybe Onecall can hook you up with a new receipt since you did get a new product?
Monster supposedly does not honor the lifetime warranty on open box items from anyone, including Onecall. There is a recent thread on this here at head-fi.  
I never got a response from Soundmatters12 the rep here on head-fi. I just noticed that onecall has the Gold version with controltalk listed as "in stock". No Copper version yet, which is what I'm waiting for too. I'm curious how the cord will differ from the regular Pro cord.  
I've got brand new unused Sony EP-EX10A Replacement Earbuds aka Hybrid Silicone Eartips for trade. I only want unused official currently available Sony Hybrid Mediums(Green). Thanks!   I can trade my: 1 set of Super Smalls(red) 2 sets of Smalls(orange) 1 set of Large(blue)
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