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Modi Multibit, like all of our DACs, just plugs into Macs and Linux distros that support USB Audio Class 2 and works with no drivers. Only Windows is lame enough NOT to support USB Audio Class 2. Hell, even Android 5 and up supports UAC 2. 
Contact orders@schiit.com if you bought a Modi 2 or Uber within the last month and are interested in moving up. We'll take care of you.
Later today.
Hey everyone,   Let’s start our product announcements this year with something really low…specifically, the lowest-cost advanced multibit DAC out there, by any manufacturer, from any country on the planet. Welcome to Modi Multibit.    At only $249, you’d expect a super stripped-down DAC, right? Definitely not with our proprietary closed-form digital filter, and definitely not with a modern (not NOS or “pull”) DAC.   Well, we’re pleased to change your expectations....
2016 Chapter 10: Because We Can   Answering the question of "why a Modi Multibit?" seemed difficult at first. I mean, what other high-end audio company would introduce a significantly downmarket product—one using its flagship technology—only a year after that technology debuted?   It does sound a little crazy, doesn't it?   Then I realized...well, for us, it isn't crazy at all. It's what we do. Like some other high-end companies might charge more for a product...
We're all good so far, though Mike may have to watch it if it goes northeast into Agua Dulce, and the Sage Fire (2 weeks ago) came within a few hundred feet of my house. Eddie spent the night at our place last night, since he couldn't get home (he lives in Sand Canyon.) Thanks for thinking of us, but...so far so good.
 I love it. 
You guys are definitely seeing Elvis at gas stations. Give us a chance to get some on shelves. The announcement will be Monday.
Ha. When I mentioned that Alex was excited to get into the new space early, this is what greeted me this morning:             Walls we haven't seen since 2013.   A big empty space.   Lots of boxes outside.   Even more in the new space.   Racks going in. Alex doesn't mess around.     Still to-do: adding doors between the second space (largely unchanged) and the third.
2016, Chapter 9.5: Just An Update   Hey all, yeah, I know, I’ve been promising you a new chapter for a couple of weeks, and hinting that we’re going to have the first product announcement of 2016 coming shortly.   The good news: we’re cleared for the first product announcement next week, assuming no big hiccups. First articles were approved yesterday and we’ve had the metal for a while.   The bad news: the chapter slipped again this week. I’ve been traveling a bit...
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