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Aha, I stand corrected! Kinda big for keyboard use, though...
Other than the logistical problems (like, restarting Nixie tube production and building a new production line to make the all-new designs--since AFAIK no alphanumeric Nixie tubes were made), the 1/3W that most Nixie tubes draw might be a problem. You're looking at 35W or so in a 101-key keyboard, plus the losses in the power supply, so let's say 50W dissipation average, which would get you a keyboard that runs 25 degrees C or so above ambient temperature. And you might not...
Each key with its own inbuilt Nixie tube display!
You may find it amusing that our "super bright, eye-blinding" LEDs run not 2A of current, not 200mA, not 20mA, not 2mA...but 0.3mA. Below that, they don't all turn on. That's what I mean when I say, "Today's LEDs are VERY BRIGHT."
It's not just for marketing. If you knew me, you'd know it's just who I am. 
$3200 is affordable? We live in different worlds.
 You should be able to press it flush.
A $5,500 preamp is affordable? 
 He was ahead of his time! That review is from 2006, and we didn't even get into the market until 2010.  I was unaware of that product, sorry.  But yes, "amp/whatever" and "affordable" are important distinctions, at least in my mind. Again, I may be crazy.
Re Pivot Point: It's difficult to go beyond what I covered in the Jotunheim FAQ about Pivot Point without getting into circuit diagrams, implications of various amplifier topologies, and even philosophical discussions about engineering approaches. If you'd like to lose your mind, spend some time on the VFA vs CFA threads on DiyAudio, where they cover the pros and cons, both real and imagined, of the two topologies from the single-ended perspective. So, without getting very...
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