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And it's official! We're turning up the volume on our second product announcement of the year—by making every other DAC/amp combo seem, well, soooo “last decade.”   Our new Jotunheim is the first modular headphone amplifier and preamp. Add the DAC module, and it’s a DAC/amp. Or, add the phono module and it’s a phono preamp/amp. Or, use it as “just an amp." This unique modular architecture allows for unmatched flexibility today, and eliminates the possibility of...
2016, Chapter 11: The Road to Jotunheim   So, if you've been following the book to date, you know that Ragnarok had a long and very painful gestation—that is was, in fact, one of the first products I wanted to make back in 2010. Introducing it in 2014 was a huge milestone for us.   But what you don't know is that there's one product that has arguably gone through a even more arduous journey on its way to production...complete with false starts, two complete product...
Bingo.   Lots of stuff to get ready for the SchiitShow. I'll resurface afterwards.
Yep, several months ago (one of the prototypes.)
 Nope, that's what you call a "we're having fun" comment.
That one...that's what we call "Elvis."
Believe me, I'd do it (discrete Bifrost Multibit) if it was do-able. But multiplying DACs mean you need 2 gain stages per channel (and highly accurate/linear gain stages at that--which means complex), and the DACs used in Gungnir Multibit and Yggy (which can have simple discrete output) need to be run balanced, and that would blow up the price. What we'd need to do a discrete output stage for a Bifrost Multibit would be a third multibit platform, based on a different DAC...
Not a good analogy--face it, there's really no room for discrete analog in Bifrost Multibit. I went through the reasons in detail in the chapter--not least of which is you'd need 4 very complex gain blocks--literally hundreds of parts.
Oh gawd please no.
I'll let this one stand, though this does not necessarily demonstrate engineering knowledge, this demonstrates an opinion: that, beyond transducers, signal processing is a way to better audio. That's a valid viewpoint. There are no perfect systems, no perfect rooms, no perfect recordings...if I wanted to do an EQ product, for example, it would be the easiest sell in the world. And it would irritate a whole helluva lot of tree-worshipping audio purists. Which would make it...
New Posts  All Forums: