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Oh no, if we did that, we'd absolutely make it MQA-compatible. 
Here's a thought experiment: what could you do for the ultimate gag on April Fool's day?     Just leaving that out here for now.   Watch this space.
With respect to functionality, you'll see.   With respect to name, it's actually "Eitr."   With respect to SPDIF reclockers, considering that Mike kicked off that category of products in the early 1990s with the Theta TLC, I think he might know a thing or two about it. That is, if he ever chose to do that again.
It may just be a glitch (Mike has written about this.) Any complex DSP-based product may have periodic glitches, especially when connected to noisy sources like computers. However, in an abundance of caution, I suspect we decided to take a look at this one.
The name is an excellent test for filtering out humorless, insufferable, self-important buttheads you'd rather not have as customers, yes.
2017, Chapter 4: Deprogramming   Welcome, comrades!   Welcome to this wonderful new age of audio glasnost!   This is a beautiful new era, sure to be heralded as the beginning of a new chapter in the great adventure that is the audiophile hobby!   To help you, dear comrade, prepare for this new age, we have prepared this scientifically-designed and thoroughly-tested deprogramming text. Because, most devoted brother (or sister), we understand that you have endured...
I did an electronic crossover back at Sumo, but I'm not really feeling it, now. It's a VERY specialized piece of gear, probably would sell slower than the old Loki. I'll have a new chapter up before the end of the week.
It's a typo, sorry.
It's something we've talked about, but avoided in order to keep the number of stocked variants down.
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