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A (relatively) minor aside: the sharp-eyed may have noticed some changes to Schiit's website this evening, in order to make it fully responsive for mobile devices. All the cool kids are doing it (or have done it), notwithstanding the absence of a true "mobilegeddon." And if you know what all this jargon means, my condolences.   In any case, the changes shouldn't be a significant departure from what we've always had...which is absolutely the intent.   Enjoy!
Did you actually try sending it in? If it is unmodded, I expect you'd get it back with no additional costs. 
You shouldn't have import fees under NAFTA. Only local taxes. 
Actually, that's incorrect. We 100% stand behind our products, according to the terms of our warranties, which are clearly spelled out on the site and in the downloadable owner's manuals. Yes, our warranties are not transferrable from the original owner. Why? Because if you buy second-hand, we don't know the condition the product is in--it may be good, it may be bad...or it may be modded. We get an astounding amount of modded gear back for "warranty" service, and the mods...
 Ummm...to be clear, this is NOT an endorsement of running a single output phase preferentially over the summed outputs. There are actual engineering reasons why you'd prefer summed outputs, one of which is abundantly clear on the AD5791 datasheet.  That said, if you want to experiment, there's no harm that will come of it. 
We're doing what we can, I'm afraid. Our estimates are always based on best current information, but much of the time, that information changes over time.
We are. There's only so much we can do when we're putting a serious dent in the world supply of some very scarce and expensive D/A converters. It's not like there are 1MM AD5791s sitting on the shelf.
To elaborate a little more: this SchiitShow is an experiment. I blathered about needing more (and different) shows in a previous chapter, and this is our way of saying:   1. We were too late to hit the Bay Area CanJam for these new product intros. 2. The London CanJam would be great, but my appetite for travel this year is being consumed by other things (don't expect to see much of me at RMAF, for example, if I'm there at all...though Mike will be.) 3. The one show we...
[Redacted] is part of it.   And two other things.
    Three new products. Two new ideas.   One SchiitShow!   Yes, that’s right. We’re doing our own show. Why? Because we weren't ready for the SF/Bay Area meet in July, and I’m too lazy to go back to the UK for CanJam London later this year. (Don’t worry, Electromod will have you covered there with the same new products we’re showing at the SchiitShow.)   And it’ll be a helluva show. We’re introducing three new products, all available for immediate shipment...
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