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Hey all,   Thank you for the condolences. They really help. I'm back at the office, but not really effective at the moment, as I have to deal with everything (my father was my last living relative, I am an only child and have no children, and there is no other real family to speak of.) I'll be getting back into the groove once more stuff is sorted.   All the best, Jason
Hey all,   Thank you for the condolences. I am dealing with the onslaught of stuff as best I can (my father was my last living relative and there is no family to speak of, as I am an only child with no children.)    However, Nick alerted me that there was a very long and breathless inquiry about the Ragnarok's specs, functionality, and release date today. Let me be perfectly clear: at this point in time I don't care if we ever ship a single Ragnarok. Nor will anyone be...
Hey guys, I'm afraid there'll be a delay on the next chapter. My father passed away today.   I should be back at it next week, but I'm not really in a writing mood at the moment.
After a few pages of the DSD/PCM/provenance/upsampling/etc debate, do you wonder why so many people think us audiophiles are a little bit nuts?   Time to listen to some music, I think. Does it sound good? Yep. Then all is well.
 To be clear: these is no tube Ragnarok in development. Period.
 Oh gawd, I'm rolling...and I'm sure Alex is too...he reads this thread, probably to make sure I don't say anything bad about him!
Bonus Chapter: Schiit Happens (and Keeps Happening)   Hey all, something happened today…something that will tear me away from the torture/self-immolation that is learning more about 3D CAD. (Yeah, we’re making that transition—all the new products will have chassis drawn up in real parametric CAD, which should speed up the prototyping cycle—yeah, you can start laughing now.)   So, about 3:00 this afternoon, I get a call from Alex. “Um, hey, I hit a sprinkler with the...
Quick Ragnarok update: the control boards have to go back to the PCB assembly house for some rework. Shouldn't delay things much, though. I'll let you know how things are looking for opening up orders early next week.
 Ha! To be fair, Alex did say something like "Well, Tony and Eddie are kinda like kids, so it's not much different than what I was doing," when he started.  He was probably also thinking, "And Jason and Mike, too..."
 I love it! I have no illusions about my ability to teach. 
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