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If we sent you the wrong thing, I know that the option you'd be given would be a "rapid return/exchange," in which we'd send you a shipper for your Fulla, then send you a Fulla 2 as soon as the incorrect Fulla hit the shipper. What else would you be looking for?
This is the key problem with forums. And yes, guys: we hear you. Also, overlap between headphone and 2-channel systems we have found to be relatively small. Also also, we could be wrong. Also also also, Saga is selling amazingly well, especially for a soft launch. Also also also also, nothing is going to be changed in the short term. And finally, I will not speculate on if or when anything will change. If the products don't work for you in your own specific system, I...
Also voodoo.  (Or at least it seems that way, some days.)
Yep, we're busy. I'll do an end-of-the-year wrap-up chapter soon and cover where we started the year, where we ended the year, and where we are on Vidar (no big surprises here) and talk about next year in general terms.   Bottom line, there are 4 "big important projects" in store for next year, including the Manhattan Project. And by "big important projects," I don't mean, "single products," but "maybe game-changers, maybe shockers, maybe never been done before, maybe...
Pic fixed. Board pic posted.
Reading the chapter disambiguates this. Eventually I'll change the image, but I'm kinda busy right now.
No worries!
We can stop the Class D discussion right here. Our views are well known. We know other people have other well-known views. Aaaaand we're done.
Line takes priority.
Actually, to expand a bit on transducers (this is the "it depends" answer that infuriates many non-engineers.)   1. Transducer prices shouldn't be expected to trend downwards over time, unlike many digital technology products (processors, screens, etc) which naturally see a downward trend over time due to increased density and improved production processes (and increased production, period.)   2. Transducer prices should be expected to be stable for same-type...
New Posts  All Forums: