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Powered hub almost certainly will resolve it. Windows 10 has different port power management than other versions of Windows.
Bingo. Schiit, like most consumer electronics manufacturers, provide a warranty for the original purchaser only. However, there are several key differences (which I will get to.) Why? It's simple. When you buy from us, or from an authorized distributor, we know what you're getting. It's been through our QC, it has been burnt in, and it has passed many tests. However, if you buy from someone else, it could be abused, modified (this happens VERY often with inexpensive...
What am I missing here? You had your friend, the original owner, contact us for repair, correct? Again, contact us and we'll take care of you.
Uh, what? The wall-wart is an AC (linear) supply. Rectification and regulation via some very fancy low-noise devices are within the Wyrd case, as specified on the product page. So, your linear supply outputs AC? Because I'm very confused as to how a DC supply would work on an AC product, unless @Baldr has some commentary.
Schiit sold? HAHAHAHAHAAAAAHHAHAAAAHAAAA!    No way. The only reason you sell out is (a) if you're bored, or (b) if you're greedy. We are neither.
If something is sent in under warranty by the original purchaser, it's covered, period. If your product was purchased by a friend, who is the original purchaser and is now trying to send it in for service, have him contact amy@schiit.com and it will be covered.
 I am SO doing this.  Amy (at Schiit) has said she'd take on some schwag slinging, so you may see a few items up on the site soon.
 Interesting! I should really get into this...the short answer being that the vast majority of our products are designed to be ultra-efficient to put together (I actually got angry seeing the inside of an iPhone 5 the first time--it's a very, very bad design from a manufacturability standpoint, especially considering the volume they run), but it's worth a longer answer. And probably some photos. And maybe a video or two. For the actual "line production" products (Ragnarok...
2015 Chapter 13: Detours in Balanced-Land, or “Improving on ‘Perfection’”   “Perfection?” some of you are already sneering. “If you’re talking about Mjolnir, that ain’t no perfect amp.”   Yep. No kidding. Nor is anything else. Hence the scare quotes on “perfection.” The fact is, though, Mjolnir was our first statement amp, our first cost-no-object design. I know this sounds crazy in these days of $15,000 headphone amps and $3,500 portables, but at the time, Mjolnir...
Look at the photo of the Mjolnir 2 board. Tell me where you'd put the switch--or the mechanical linkage.
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