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Oh god, that conference... I was invited to speak at Virtual Worlds Forum Europe '07, largely due to some cool stuff we were doing at Centric at the time—our company hadn't yet showed up in MIT Tech Review (https://www.technologyreview.com/s/409682/historical-maps-in-second-life/) but we were doing some really cutting-edge stuff for HP, and proposing a bunch of marketing ideas that really used the medium of virtual worlds, rather than just "being there." Of course, this is...
I guess if it was a display, we could actually spell it out for even more offensiveness.
To elaborate a bit more on displays, and to speculate a bit about the future:   1. I'm not categorically opposed to displays. There are certainly products which I can envision that absolutely require displays. Products in which you need to display alphanumeric information absolutely qualify.    2. However, for simple functions, I prefer a simple interface. A simple interface is physical. As in, knobs and buttons. What information it needs to convey should also be as...
Nope, next week. Hopefully some "new gear saga" chapters soon...
There will be no displays.
I have designed DACs (and lots of other things.) Mike has designed amps (and lots of other things.) Dave has probably designed more stuff than either of us. Or maybe both of us put together. He does a whole lot of very cool stuff.   But...we're all good at different things. And concentrating on the things we're good at is one of the main reasons we're prolific, efficient, and happy. 
We actually did play around with an ultrasonic remote. Briefly.
This blog seems to indicate that it was under $2000...not sure myself: http://www.ablogtowatch.com/rolex-prices-past-60-years-revealing-analysis/
Preamps are preamps, not headphone amps. That's all I can say for now.
2016, Chapter 9: The Elephant in the Room   Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.   Yes, it’s an old saying. But it’s a good one. It conjures up images of snooty, tuxedo-clad partygoers at a high-class soiree, all of them discussing the latest cause celebre or achievement du jour—you know, like the Prodigal Son is Going to Harvard, or the Doctor Daughter was just recognized by the AMA for her contributions to Medicine, things like that—and all the while a big,...
New Posts  All Forums: