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2016, Chapter 6: Being Comfortable With What You Are   When I was away on vacation, we met up with an acquaintance who came from a financial background—specifically, he managed a hedge fund. He’d just declared himself retired, and very, very comfortable…at 38.   Among the things we talked about was, of course, Schiit.   His first question was probably typical of a non-audiophile reaction, when confronted with our company.   “High end audio? Well, I just bought...
Hey all,   I'm back (and finally not too jet-lagged). Apologies for not being able to keep this thread cleaned up, and thanks to Currawong for taking care of it. I'll have a new chapter for you this week!   All the best, Jason
Yep, I do.
Different industry, but you get the idea:  
Ooops x2. Fixed. As far as Mike's preference, you'd have to ask Mike.  And again, I'd be happy with most anything we make. At the office, I use a Modi Uber/Vali 2. Eeeek! Delta-sigma, run!!!
Oops. Fixed. Maybe a bit too much of the ethanol mod while writing...
2016, Chapter 5: The Subjectivist/Objectivist Synthesis   Color me stupid, but I’m going to wade right into the subjectivist vs objectivist debate, and see if both groups can find a happy place.   In the process, I’m going to (attempt to) distill the objectivist/subjectivist debate into a few lines, give some examples and anecdotes (yes, I know, not data) from my experience, call out some interesting factoids to think about, outline (what I see to be) the stuff that...
Nah, that's a right turn, not a left turn.
Hey all,   Give me another day or two to finish up this week's chapter...a bit of a left turn!   All the best, Jason
Push Mike at your own risk...   Seriously, he is deep into uncharted territory here. Nothing like this product has ever existed, anywhere, from anyone. There are gonna be setbacks and gotchas. This isn't like implementing yet another "datasheet DAC."    Fun fact: we've already run into one setback, and (I believe) figured a way around it. If we'd planned on the Manhattan Project costing like an end-game DAC, the setback wouldn't even be a setback. However, we want to...
New Posts  All Forums: