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I don't mean to put down the MD's or anything but upon listening to the MX 880 sennheisers out of my Sony X1051 with EQ- Studio +1 bass and mids pushed up +1 db, these sound freaking amazing... MD's still has better bass impact, reverb but wow the sound stage and the price I paid for them.. Now I'm considering getting the MX 980. Just thought I'd share since I think all of you who like the MD's would like the MX 880 and consdering it can be had for $30 it's a bargain!
Was so close to putting my order though I'll be overseas from 25th of may onwards and it would suck if it arrived after may 25th as they would return it back to soundearphones THEN i would have to pay for shipping AGAIN -.-
I'm reconsidering the HD-25's again just because I think it's a safer choice but now since I have enough money for a UM3x I'm torn whether or not to get a Headphone or another IEM.. maybe I should sell my MD's...
Any new deals going around for the SE215? I remember they were going for $68 at one point.
Unique melody is known to have really good build quality, i.e. no bubbles and have very few people will report having fit issues.    
I think you meant the Westone 4? I personally haven't heard them, though I have listened to both the W3 and Um3x and can say I much prefer the Um3x.    
+1 or give me the $1000 in gesture of good will :D    
In regards to the PM you sent me other IEM's you may want to look at Sennheiser IE6, 7, 8
The mds decay while good for rnb hip hop etc is absolutely rubbish in regard to heavy metal, you can tell there are notes it misses and well it doesnt sound good.. BUT for most main stream music, jazz etc they are a great iem but again let me emphasize this if you plan on listening to parkway drive don't bother!
+1   Thought about the UM3x? bass may not be as much as TF10s but I personally prefer the laid back presentation but forward mids over the TF10s but then again I paid $100 for the TF10s.. and In regards to "taking too long to put them in" I personally find the TF10s easier to fit in my ears but I'm sure many wil disagree with me and say that UM3x are fairly easy to pop back in and out.
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