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Yes, and no I'm in Australia.
Will do:D maybe in a year the SM2 prices will be ridiculously low because so much more people will be buying the SM3s I can get a pair=] but for now SM3 here i comee
WTF is that? Elaborate?   and in regards to the question: YES, nothing good comes out of it THOUGH there has been studies indicating that kids with ADHD are some how helped as they use their neuromotor bla or some shit brain is dead okay I don't remember the exact part of the brain its 5 am..  
Oh I just remembered the other amp I tried was something RSA, yeah it did actually but I was expecting a little to much when I decided to play a parkway drive song LOL, though when I listened to jamiroquai the bass seemed to be much cleaner? as in not boomy at all and seperation was much better imo. Hence why I tried to play a parkway drive song.. lol   I also tried them with the Um3x but can't comment since I only played a song with them.   In regards to MD's I'll be...
Eric! remember when I spoke to you on the other SM3 thread? regarding if sm3 ever came out with detachable cables I'd be getting them? Oh yes I am,soundearphones agreed to give me credit for my MD's which I purchased from them 3 months ago :D so as soon as they have them in stock I'll be shipping over the MD's ;)  
He used the term jazz in turn with describing why it is better for this particular genre, and this can translate to other genres to.. For example I like the more forward mids when listening to hip hop and R&B compared to when I once listened to the golds, so why are YOU trying to point out that he made a fault when he didn't? you obviously just don't understand that some people may prefer that kind of sound signature, and each to their own but I would pay the extra $100...
Ah okay, well I just really enjoyed listening to them last night. and yes I forgot what the first amp was but the second one was I borrowed my uncles Meier Audio Stepdance and to be used with my iPhone 4 via Twag LOD and it definitely improved the sound though for the price he paid for the stepdance it's not something I'd be willing to dish out for just an amp rather get a new pair of IEM's ;)    
So is anyone in line for a review set from Franck? i.e. dfkt?
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