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I'll be buying these headphones off ebay or some other site based most likely in the u.s or if the JVC's then from japan as i mentioned above it's wayy to expensive to buy them here even if they come with warranty here im not willing to pay double lol, and im well aware of the counterfeits off turbines thus finding it hard to find on ebay :(
ahah yes! i reckon, everything here is overpriced it's a load of poo, I'm moving to the states 1 day, even cars here are alot more expensive. Also what make's you say the superfi's are rotten? ahah i can't seem to find much threads on them apart from their cable being absoloute rubbish.   umm lucozade that doesn't sound to good, piercing treble is frustrating, i think i'm going with the custom 3's then unless i change my mind sometime soon lol.   thanks for the...
oO do they ship to Australia? uhm though yeah custom 3's are pretty much on top of my list, i had a look at um2, um1's but apparently the um1's really lack bass and the UM2's cheapest i could find was 250 USD not inc shippingand that's pushing my budget even further, though thanks for the advice.   The only gripe i have about the custom 3's is the cloth cable =/
Hi, after months of looking around for new iem's I've narrowed the list down.   I'm no audiophile but the feeling I get from listening to great music is undescribable, and the feeling i get from listening to poo sounding music just pisses the hell out of me.   This is the first time I'm buying iem's $100+ believe it or not in Australia we pay atleast 75$ for metro fi 150s.... yes a HUGE rip off, and for Denon ah C751's not 199, not 299 but $399.   Now I'm...
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