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I would definitely recommend these earphones, I settled down on the smallest tip and while it's not a perfect seal, it's the best earphones I've ever heard!!! far better than the bose ones that my brother got for around the same price hahaha=)  
Well before i ask my question i just want to thank you all for such a warm welcome and great advice, and right now i cant sleep as i get my IE7's in less then 12 hours :D   anyway i believe that iphone's ipod's etc have really bad sound quality? so for that reason i'd like to purchase an mp3 player that is better but yet around the same price range? i already got an iphone and a nano but yeah.   Thanks in advance=))
oo good glad i made the right choice and chose the IE7 over the customs since i heard their durability is goood.
just bought the IE7's =)   Hey guys i just purchased these through best offer, shoulda offered less though damn lol. Anyway do you guys think this is to good to be true? he offers 7day money back though so if it's fake ill send em back. thanks in advance
I found a seller on ebay selling those DBA's though he has no stock atm, now i've just gotten paid and im really leaning towards the IE7?
Im in perth, so you recommend these vsonics over the klipsch?
guys due to a recent well spending spree im a little low on cash so what i've decided is to buy senny 380s for the gym and a pair of decent IEM's   here's my choices either a klipsch s4 or a UE super fi.4
@lucozade i found them at some japanese website will cost about 220 AUD that's custom 3 money/ x5, and honestly i wouldnt like to play around with earphones hahaha. I've narrowed down my list but added a new addition. The new bass enchanced Klipsch S4's, Custom 3's, 5 pro's as apparently E.B's are over powering and weigh a tonne thus fall out when even just walking...   Forgot to mention i'll be using these mostly at the gym, though i don't do much cardio...
I'll be buying these headphones off ebay or some other site based most likely in the u.s or if the JVC's then from japan as i mentioned above it's wayy to expensive to buy them here even if they come with warranty here im not willing to pay double lol, and im well aware of the counterfeits off turbines thus finding it hard to find on ebay :(
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