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hmm.. the SoundEarphones rep I spoke to told me that there is a change in sound, and I asked him how he knew and he told me that's what earsonics have told them =/  
Hey guys I'm looking for brand new monster turbines to give as a gift, so sorry no used, only new. PM me your price and I'm located in Australia. Cheeers
Playing MMORPG's are a waste of time! IMO   It's very likely that you get so emotionally attached to your 'character' that it becomes addictive, I don't know any of my friends who have just decided to stop playing them, many finally realised due to other commitments they had to stop playing but none for just thinking, ah this is a waste of time..  
The duals apparently have quite strong bass slam, not intrusive mid bass, but when it calls for it, apparently it's plenty sufficient. IMHO if you're thinking of customs, have a look at the Unique Melody Merlin, for $780, and UM has a rep in Aus so it'd be much easier to deal with them, you get a quad driver with a dynamic on top of that. Btw new SM3 v2 are coming out, should be able to get 15% off them.    
Inks. 'weird imaging', I have never personally heard the Um3x, though what I really liked about it was the fact the treble was really unfatiguing, and that very mid-centric sound with sufficient bass, though now I'm reconsidering the um3x vs sm3 since I can get the um3x detachable for about $100 less than the Sm3..    
E11 is meant to be a portable PMP, thought I'd attempt in saving you some money :P read the impressions from Clieos he mentions they're better than the ibasso d3 I think? sorry don't remember names of PMP's    
I calculated the difference, and the deal I'd be getting for the SM3 vs SM2, price difference is $50, so I think I will try the SM3 first as if I get the SM2 first and I don't like it it will be much harder to sell in the FS forums as compared to the SM3s, now i'm just hoping that it comes by next monday so I can get them before I go over seas.
Uhhhhhhh, if only I could try them both..
oO? by much? If so I'm consider the SM2 over the SM3...  
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