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They aren't vented are they?
I actually put it in the case and sorry was rushing when I was typing that!, my apologies.   When i was taking it out I just hooked it with one finger and well it and when I was putting on my left I noticed the strain relief was wobbly and I looked over and it had come apart, I don't know if I had done this prior to taking it out but yeah. I've actually contacted monster now and I just have to send them out :D, but I'll be sending them out in about 2 weeks since I...
Thanks mate! got it for $75 shipped with 2 day shipping.  
Ana, this actually just happpeed to mine on the left, I can post pictures up if you guys would like to see, I admit I've used them a couple times outside, though j.w. will monster cover this under the warranty or would this be part of the 1- time replacement warranty?
Can you get them shipped to Australia? and how much did you pay?
I'll be ordering these tomorrow through earphonesolutions and giving them as a gift, so hopefully they don't break any time soon..
no one can tell me?...
Hey guys where's the best place to purchase these?
Hey mate I'm on my iPhone and for somereason I can't pm, ill take them though I live in Australia you can keep the complys and airplane adaptor just ship them with the earphones and small tips attached. Cheers
Mate I've been looking for a pair since the start of year and I'm also located in Australia I'll give you $60 shipped post code is 6150 pm me.
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