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Yes, and now I've contacted a different representative and my RMA doesn't come up in their system, I'm going to be very pissed if they screw me over.
Hey guys, It's been about 3 weeks since I sent my pair into Monster for warranty replacement, and they've not contacted me in regards to when my new pair will be sent or anything like that, how long does it usually take to process? I'm getting a little worried I might not even get them back. Cheers.
I think there should be a new thread being opened specifically for those with TF10 after market cables, and everyone who has aftermarket cables can post their thoughts on their cable, so like an "impressions thread on aftermarket cables for the TF10"
Ah sorry didn't come across that particular post, in that case my apologies ;)    
@alphaman, I disagree with how you think that dynamics are faster than BA's well unless that B.A was the low low tier IEM's   IMO for top tiers, a general rule would be that B.A's are much faster, reason I say this is due to the bands I listen to, Listen to Parkway Drive any of their songs on your IE8 then on a TF10/UM3x and tell me which one you think keeps up with the speed of the song much better? as in being able to keep up with the drums/vocals and most...
BLEACCCHHHHH   I stopped watching it after getting caught up in Uni and managed to catch up in 3 days :D so meaning I watched about 70 episodes in the last 4 days ^_^
There is a specific thread for Deals
Sent them to monster for warranty replacement :D should get them back in 2 weeks hopefully!
Audio Technica ES7 for $99 in Australia and you have to be a friend of theirs on facebook to get the deal.
Ah okay, hopefully I enjoy them :) btw are they vented? or are they just as susceptible to driver flex as monsters?
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