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Hey guys I missed the HD-25 sale on amazon, so if anyone bought a spare pair or was just an impulse buy and they want to get rid of it I'm more then happy to take them off your hands. I'm in Australia though will pay for all shipping costs. Cheers!
Ahh I'm so devastated I missed the HD-25 sale, Now I know why I've been off these forums for like 2 months, I see this thread and I'm about to buy a UM2 with the coupon and free amp! and now considering the IE8i too! Someone help me out lol
I finally got them I ordered 4 Brainwavz Alpha when it was sold for $7 each, omg I wish I had gotten more, I'm so amazed at their quality for $7 each, if there is another deal like this that pops up I'm buying like 10 next time, these are great. I honestly think they are the best bang for your buck at $7 I've had MD's and for 40x the price, i'd much rather have the alpha than the MD's lol
I sold my MDT's to my brother :( O well, though the HJE-900's with my foam mod IMO sounds better, maybe I'm more suited to the sound, but wow I really took MD's mids for granted, the MD's till this day are the best for mids.
okay I'm really pissed off, I don't mind waiting though I hate when I'm told that my order was shipped on the 7th, receiving a 'order update' email then finding out it was actually only shipped out on the 19th. Seriously WTF, never ordering from MP4Nation again!
I have a set for sale that's had about 5 hours tops $110 USD shipped to where ever you are, Reason for sale is I hate the sound sig and much prefer my MD's
Oh and they were purchase through soundearphones
Okay they are on their way back to me from the US as a warranty replacement as the little plastic thing was dodgy. Anyway I need money for coilovers and hence I'm selling these. I'm asking for $220 + shipping to where ever you are. Again I will include the receipt and will take pictures as soon as they arrive which should hopefully be sometime this coming week. Purchased from an Authorized dealer 'SoundEarphones'
Ah he email I was waiting for! They have been received and they will let me know once they ship them back out. On a different note I'll be putting these up for sale as I'm in major need of money as the result of me putting wheels on my car which is much to aggressive and to wide, and hence I now have to buy new tyres/coilovers/ and a camber kit. If you're interested PM me. Cheers.
Cheers Aleki, ah crap, um well I kept the original email of the RMA no. that the monster rep gave me and I've forwarded it to the other one so hopefully she can work something out or other wise I'm screwed.
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