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Got a white ES7 from an authorized dealer in Australia, had it for about 4 months still have the receipt, I can do it for $100 shipped. LMK
MD Tributes? I liked them for pretty much everything except for Parkway drive, IKTPQ and other bands that required great separation and speed. and you should give the TF10 a try I don't find the mids that recessed..
Hey bud if it's just your cable try contacting westone, it shouldn't cost to much to have them repaired, I've never heard any you've listed except the Um3x and imo it sounds great and I'm just a casual listener but from what I've read it would be great for monitoring too.
Shorelinemusic has audioengine a2 for $99 and a5 for $199 I picked up an 2
Holy sh*t missed it again ahah
How long have you had the tmas for?
Price includes shipping within Australia no photos as my laptop has actually died. Have had these for about a year and honestly I've listened to it for about 30 hours tops my ears are really sensitive and any over ear head phones over heat them. Still have the box etc Etc and straight cable no damage what so ever eBay feedback is 'viorussel' will put it up on eBay if needed. Thanks
Oh FFs I missed it again..
Will this fit the TF10?
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