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Just looking for a westone cable for my tf10s thanks.
Thought it was the cable but the left driver is on it's way out so if anyone has a left driver they're willing to sell please pm me:) thanks
Still looking for these, if you have one that's broken and other one that isn't I'll also be willing to buy it off you since one of mine is broken but I forgot which one. Thanks
R/C or non R.C?
this is a long shot but does anyone have a spare TF10 from the amazon deal they're willing to sell me? Thanks! Oh and in regards to deals the Monster Outlet is back up, turbine refurbs are back at $54 or so =)
Hey I was seeing if anyone had a spare from the amazon deal as I missed out, I'm located in Australia though I'll pay for the shipping fees and will pay via paypal, My current TF10s which I bought last year has taken quite a bit of abuse and is on its way out.   Thanks!
wwaaaah that sucks dude, I was just about to purchase the SM2 V2's till I saw this.. Who did you get them from? I think soundearphones may be able to help you out with it.
When you mean not 'mint' are there scratches/cracks or is the jack for where the cable connects to the IEM loose?
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