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Hi all, I've been away from these forums for a very very long time and I'm definitely not in the loop with all the newest IEM's and what not.    I'd like your opinions on whether I should get another universal or go for customs this time around. If so what do you guys recommend? So far for universals I've had a look at a second hand EM6, Um50 pro, or SE846.   Sound I'm looking for is something that's much more detailed, better separation, mids as good or if not better...
Looking to sell my UM2's they were refurbished by westone earlier on this year, and since I couldn't wait for the turn around time I ended up purchasing the UM3x so it hasn't even been used since receiving it from westone, as you can see they pretty much look brand new. Will include all the Tips except for the medium Comply. Comes with the hard case and the box etc.   Not really looking for any trades though one IEM that has caught my eye is the XBA H3 and of course if...
Hey guys I'd like to hear your experiences and hopefully the charges which you have incurred, I have just sent back my UM2's and have been told that the drivers are on one side are out of wack and need replacing.   Now this all seems fine UNTIL I'm told it's going to cost $80, which doesn't sound to bad then BAM apparently the shipping is $40..   I don't know how it's even possible since I sent them for $4.35 WITH insurance(Insured for $200) & tracking. Do I have...
I thought my canals were Large so I bough the large sample all Gel with 1 set of Foam willing to trade 2x sets of Large for 1x set of small/medium foam or gel =)
Up for sale are my 5 pro's with all the ue tips included etc. Will ship anywhere in the world. Thanks
Looking to buy or swap for the larger sizes=]
can anyone compare these to the PL21?
Just looking for a westone cable for my SF5 pros. Pm me if you have one to sell, thanks =)
First time I dealed with mp4 nation I was given a fake shipping confirmation then finally after 2 weeks later I get one that says it had just been sent, now I said I'd give them another go I bought the Soundmagic PL21, it's been over 8 days and I haven't even received any confirmation. Luckily it's only $18.50 but that's bullsh*t if you don't have the item in stock the least you could do is mention it, useless..
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