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Clarity by Zedd (ft. Foxes)  
I haven't heard it yet, and I've heard other people say this also. What's so bad about it?
CoCo from Quadron.   I discovered her a few days ago when I got to hear her at a concert. Her voice is phenomenal and she just puts so much emotion into her songs. Definitely check her out:
Thanks. I really love it, which is why I can't quite yet justify upgrading to my dream headphones, the LCD2. Maybe one day when I am rolling around in extra cash... :) I don't have much experience with other DACs in the V-DAC's price range or higher, so I am not qualified to make that comparison. However, my previous DAC (that I still use) was the uDAC, and all the distortion that I used to hear disappeared after getting the V-DAC, but this is more of a testimony to the...
Here's my modest setup:    
I completely agree with everything you said, except the portion in bold. I primarily (90% of the time) listen to female vocals of all genres (classics, jazz, singer/songwriter, country, folk) and the HD650s sound absolutely amazing. The HD650s' inherent coloration, coupled with a warm tube amp, really brings all vocals to life. At the risk of sounding cliched, I want to say that both male and female voices really do sound very lush and rich.    Someone earlier likened...
  I really find it interesting that you find the M50s to have weak bass. They are well known around there to be rather quite bassy, I agree from my personal experience with them. Thus, the fact that you find them not bassy leaves us to possibilities: 1) You're a basshead (which is fine. afterall, it's just a preference) 2) your gear isn't up to par   I am going with 2) as you mentioned you're using just the headphone out jack on your laptop. Laptops, even expensive ones,...
HD650:     LCD-2:
I can see the pictures perfectly too. If anyone sees ads or spam, hey it's 2011, try using adblock. I'm using Chrome on Ubuntu, fyi.    My only complaint to Ardilla is that there seems be a recent lack of pictures containing females of the species. We need more girls wearing headphones!
JVC Marshmallows.   - weak treble -bloated bass that craps on the already muddy mids   I don't know how I ever listened to these.
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