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Can someone help advise on my situation please? I really liked the clarity, highs, mids at first, but found the bass wanting. I also needed to push the volume up a lot more than my previous pair, the H200's. Speaking of which, those had better bass. Mine were shipped July 24th. Is that before the cutoff date for the defective batches?
Ordered! Thank you
IN for the group buy. Have been lurking around for a while, and these just look too good to pass up!
I can only PM once a day it seems! Sorry new to forum so will post q's here:   - Will the receipt be provided? - Could you elaborate on the condition? How are the tips? - How many hours use have they had? Have they been used in the gym? - Could you give to a friend to bring to London?   Thanks!
Hi, in London, a few q's!   - Where were these bought from? - Are they still under warranty? - Why are you selling these bad boys?!
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