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    There's one: the CEC HP-53FB (But the only Headfier who has tried it said it sounded like crap, sadly...).
Yes, it looks really cool, clear and simple, yet classy as always with Luxman gear. What I like is that the conceptors have obviously paid equal attention to both DAC and amp sections, which is not common. If the amp really comes from the P1u, there would be no need to buy a separate high quality amp.
Looks very promising... from what I understood (with the help of Google translator), the da section is taken from the D-05 CD player (a $5000 one), and the amp section is derivated from the P1u (no need to introduce it)! Love the look. Expected price is ¥155,400 (1360 euros/$1910). Sounds like a killer combo!!!         Source:     Has someone any other info?
2 years ago I had the chance to listen to a Lehmann Black Cube Linear in a recording and mixing studio. For those who don't know it's considered as one of the best sounding SS amps, and has been extensively used by Sennheiser during the HD800 development.   It impressed me a lot: clarity and airyness, precision, detail, tightness, fastness, ultra-precise soundstage... it had everything I love. A bit analytical for some, but absolutely perfect for...
    So... what about that cube? Soundwise, how does it compare with the mini-I? I'm really hesitating, thanks!
sorry I didn't know about it!... As a MOT, have you already heard the Matrix Cube in action?
Well, I guess coolfungadget is gonna open a dedicated thread... so let's wait
Just found this thread, great plug!!!! Thanks for the tip Lunatique!
I'm so tempted... and I'm now hesitating between this and the Mini-i. On one hand the Mini-I has balanced and unbalanced outs, on the other hand the Cube, while having unbalanced outs only, does ASRC... I'd love to know which one has the overall best SQ. Especially as a DAC-only. Coolfungadget, any word about it?
Thanks for the info, Gu Sensei! Yes, even in photo they look cheap and plasticky, but we never know!... Looking forward to your impressions the next time you'll see it!
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