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I just wanted to point out Teclast's newer player, called the X30SE (special audio edition?)...     I think it looks hella sexy.     http://www.teclast.com/zhuanti/x30se/    
I don't know about you, but I'm noticing a pattern in high-end audio that it's taking the path of either one of these two...   - NOS / passive I/V / PCM1704... - 128x oversampling / 192kHz upsampling / OPA16XX / LME49XXX / ES9018...   You and someone else had me fairly convinced that passive I/V is inherently flawed, I'm surprised / confused Buffalo is selling it as well, just like I was surprised the Hifiman HM-901 changed from PCM1704 to ES9018 recently,...
  Nothing fancy then.   Anyone here  like Ginseng?  I bought a container of "Red Ginseng" at the chemist the other day, I took 5 pills at once to see if it does anything.  Then I think 2 or 4 the next day.  It does do something, I'm pretty sure, I feel funny.
I thought you thought current-out / passive I/V designs are inherently flawed, well it seemed that way at the time, I didn't expect to see a passive I/V DAC from Buffalo.   I don't know, I suppose I connected you to Buffalo, and was thinking "qusp = buffalo" and then saw "buffalo = passive I/V", so was interested in your thoughts on that model, I suppose, since you know a lot about DAC's 'n stuff.
The latest Chinese audiophile player ($150) is a rebranded other Chinese 'normal' player ($29).  I think dozens of people have already paid their pre-order money around here.  Flame war is imminent!....................
  I didn't see that.  What are these smart drugs you've been using lately?
  Why not France?
  I want to read them again, if you have the link handy, post them in "The Comic Lounge"? (I changed the name...)
I distastefully remember when I was banned from head-fi (the 1st time when I was all innocent little girl) for I suppose what was 'not respecting equipment' or 'not respecting personal rights' or some whateverness like that.   I find it more than amusing that the latest Hisoundaudio player ($150) is now being attacked as a rebranded Teclast X30 ($29)....
There is the Vsonic R04 normal version (Edit: Pro version?) which they annnounced 4 years before they released it, apparently, (so... the first Vsonic IEM?  I'm not sure on this detail), then there is the R04 updated version, and the R04 flagship edition / version.   According to their specifications, the flagship version is around 50 ohm, versus around 24 ohm for the updated version.  There are more differences than impedance but Vsonic aren't clear on these things,...
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