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 Will do, but it says they're sold directly by Amazon and not a third party so I doubt that they're fakes.  In reading the Deals thread, some are speculating that there was a mixup and this price is for the pads only.  I guess we'll see what happens, but at $30 I'd say that this is more than worth the gamble.
...well, I'm certainly happy that I chose to drop by tonight.  $30 for a backup pair?  I can dig it.   Here's hoping that everyone's orders go through and these wonderful headphones finally achieve the level of recognition that they deserve.  
...when was the last time I posted here?  May?   Despite the 250ohm impedance, I have been using my DT250 sans power amp for the past few months.  Even with my scaled down Audirvana Plus -> AQ Dragonfly setup these Beyers are still the cat's pajamas!  Scale and dynamics are somewhat diminished, but the resolution and tonal balance remains so I'm certainly more than happy running a simplistic rig.  And to think of the multiple times that I had spent over $1K on a...
For sale is my trusty PPAv2 amplifier with dedicated STEPS power supply.  It was built by MisterX and I'm the second owner.  I've owned it for three years and, out of all of the equipment that I've cycled through, it has definitely stuck around the longest.  I had purchased other amps as intended "upgrades," but I honestly couldn't find anything that rivaled the neutrality, authority, and clean output of this PPA.  A vastly underrated piece of kit around these boards to...
It has now been approximately six months since I've purchased the DT250-250.   Gripes: Null Desire to Upgrade: Null   This is a truly brilliant headphone. 
  I haven't read any reviews on it, but the (coiled) cable is certainly more hefty than average.  To call it "uncomfortably large" would be an exaggeration, however.  I use them exclusively for at-home listening and haven't experienced any notable discomfort.
There surely isn't just one answer, but there is a best one: Beyerdynamic DT250. (250ohm version)   My last post: January 7th.  After cycling through a few dozen headphones I've had no reason to further my research after finding this one.  It's like an HD600 with more intimacy.
  For a lossy stream, I found Spotify to do a serviceable job from both a quality and convenience standpoint.  The only reason why they didn't retain me as a subscriber for a second month is due to what I considered to be an extremely constrained library. (that, along with some incomplete albums and mis-tags)  Still, compressed content will always be compressed content regardless of how it's marketed and I'd have to agree with MalVeauX: if it's one's primary source then...
I paid $150 for my DT250-250 and would've gladly paid more.  When ran through a quality source and amplified correctly, I really can't imagine a more natural closed-headphone listening experience.  I would've purchased a "backup" (or two) this morning but the deal was restricted to Canada.   Here's hoping that some lucky Head-Fiers got one heck of a nice price on a severely underrated headphone! 
  Thanks for the history lesson!  I'm often pathetically ignorant when it comes to what's popular.    But hey, something ambitious being recognized/rewarded is always a GREAT thing!
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