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Quick sale!! This is version A, which is the more expensive version. It includes the external power supply as well. The clock was upgraded to Audio-GD's latest TCXO clock at an additional fee. The device is appox 10months old.Still in perfect condition. I paid $327 This is 220-240V version (Australia)   Asking A$280 + postage & Paypal Pick up is OK.
Quick sale BLACK CAT Veloce 75 Ohm Precision Digital Cable 1.23 meters. Like new condition with original box. Asking A$100+Postage & PayPal Pick up is OK
          Thanks guys..I will see you anain soon!!
here are some more images   This is the best set up for this Meeting!!! YBA CD Player > Dark Star > LCD-3          
It's SONY VAIO P series notebook. (I don't think it's been sold in AUS) 
well, this seem to be a very small meeting come on guys.....
price drop- How about $350
Thanks Nikp for the impressions   can you tell us which DAC/Amps do you use in this test ??
I decided to sell my Wadia 170i modded. This item was bought in December 2010 from Tivoli Hi Fi, Camberwell for $550. It has also been upgraded power supply and Digital COAX output which costed about$200.   It is silver colour and still in the perfect condition as it spends most of the time in the box.   Come with Box, Manual, Power supply (modded), and adapter set for various ipod models. If buyer interest in matching 160gb silver ipod classic, can be sell as...
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