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I bought one, and they are really good, for their price.
Hi slfln !  Thanks for the review, it looks interesting.  It seems like Maxell strikes again. 
Oh, I see. Maybe a K240 foam will fit there. (will it?) Or I will try a superlux foam disc, I can get one easier (k240 parts fit with it.)
Of course you can link that album. :) (Maybe I'll take some more pictures in daylight and upload them there as well.)   Here is a picture from the inside of it.   I have akg K500 as well, they have more highs and less bass, than the k250. :)
Thank you for the invitation, it was creative. :)   So, I've just got the k250 five days ago. (I found them on a local ebay like bidding site). I paid ~$60 for them, and they are in a very good condition ( here are some pics of them), the earpads like new and on the body, or on the metal frame it has no abrasions or scratches, moreover it still has the original cable with the original jack, and it also works perfectly. I've got only one problem. The rubber straps,...
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