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I forgot that they came out with an S version after I bought mine. I had the original, but that is good to hear regardless.
I get the Lyra IIs tomorrow. After 4 years of pretty much daily use the acrylic shells on my Heir iems have started to crack. This is only my second pair of nice headphones (the Heirs being the first). Any songs/bands/genres that I should listen to to really showcase the Lyra II's strengths?
Getting the 3.Ai tomorrow. I can't wait. I've been living with the ath-ad700 for too long.
I thought the 5.0 didn't have the Wolfson DAC which the 4.2 has and is supposedly an improvement over the 5.0. I'm tossing around the idea of getting a Fiio X3 when they come out for my music and if the Galaxy 4.2 isn't up to my liking and just using the 4.2 for FM and a GPS. I could always hope that the 4.2 is rooted so that it can use Voodoo, but that might be wishful thinking. My original plan was to get the ipod nano because it does have an FM tuner, but it doesn't...
I am thinking about getting a pair of these or similarly priced IEMs. I am wondering if anybody has any experience with using them with a Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2. I am not sure if the DAC in the Galaxy is good enough for these phones and I don't want to be super disappointed if I do get them. Thanks.
Please help.
I am thinking about getting a Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2. My reasons, in order, are as follows:   It has an FM radio. I really want to listen to the radio at work so this would be perfect for that. It plays FLAC, which I will have on it when I am not listening to the radio. It can take a micro SD card so I can add files to it. It has a cool touch screen, which I like the look of. It can get the internet. It has...
  I am using it at work so it will just sit on my desk. It's not like I am going to be jogging with it.
Spending $30 on an MP3 player and then $400 on IEM just doesn't make sense to me.
  If I'm getting a cheapo MP3 player wouldn't I want a DAC that is better than the one in the MP3 player itself?
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