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A small, probably not entirely appropriate question before I compose my sales ad: - What would you say would be a fair price for a four years old Tera Player used for some 2500 hours? It shows minimal wear and tear (I confess I dropped it a couple of times, yet never in a puddle), no problems I'm aware of (anyway it still has some 9 months of its 5-year warranty left). Tera has served me very well, but I have stopped to listen to music on the go, which was the only use...
About to close the ad, - the exchange of packages with Slash86 is imminent (I'm a bit slow due to my workload).
Dear CDWMcInSpots, - actually I fully agree to your observations! The only difference between us remains the emphasis, -- while you warn the future buyers of Ed. 8, I hail Ed. 8, as they fit both of us, moreover, they fit both of us better that T5P, therefore I say hats off to Ed. 8! (for me their properties on the go are rather more important, as I rarely use cans indoors). Still, I will surely see that my T5P are fixed ASAP (bad cable), since I take T5P over Ed. 8...
Point by point 1.-6.: 1. I wear 60cm size hats, - fit is just perfect. 2. Possibly - in my case Ed 8 sit more securely on my head. I would advise to try them before you buy. T5P are comfortable, but do not stay put as well as Ed 8 do. 3. Perfect for my ears; YMMV 4. And it is most welcome! Try wearing both, - I do, and I have a slight preference for the ergonomics of Ed 8. 5. Mine have lasted a year so far. Ken Allmighty is to be taken with a pinch of salt, - his site is...
I thought I posted a reply yesterday, but apparently smth. went wrong...   To your question - yes, it is available; I can take a picture of it. Do you travel to Brussels on a regular basis?
Koss PortaPro are a safe bet; for closed at this price point, I have and I like Sony MDR V6 and CAL!. V6 seem to be the toughest here. I just love their coiled wire, although there could be less of it for portable use. V6 may be too bright, while PortaPro have quite a bit of mid-bass emphasis (flatters Apple devices though), CAL! sound very nice, but they are big and with a somewhat fragile feel.
I have two which I can compare: 1) HD 25 Adidas (= same sound, crazy colourway (which kinda suits the way they sound)) - bright, superb PRaT, light, durable, replaceable parts, easy fit, great isolation, unwieldy (effectively take up as much space as T5P or Ed. 8). Amazing for gym, and once in a while I pick them over Edition 8 for their PRaT (and don't forget the colour!). Nice synergy with Shuffle (2nd gen.), Sansa Fuze, Sansa Clip+, fine with Tera Player, too. 2)...
I have no use for the box, but I could use the bag, - anybody not using the bag who fancies the box? As the box is more pricey than the bag, I am inclined to ask the other party to cover / partake in my shipping costs, - but that of course will depend on offers (if any ;-). Local swap in Brussels would be most welcome.
Overall I prefer Edition 8 over T5P; however, for the classical T5P might be a better choice. Actually I noticed that I listen less to the classical and more to poor/ rock now when I mainly use Edition 8. My T5P needs its cable replaced, - I have not been in a hurry to do it since I prefer Edition 8, still I feel growing urge to address the issue as I am missing T5P and my classical music recordings.
Nobody so far?
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