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About to close the ad, - the exchange of packages with Slash86 is imminent (I'm a bit slow due to my workload).
Dear CDWMcInSpots, - actually I fully agree to your observations! The only difference between us remains the emphasis, -- while you warn the future buyers of Ed. 8, I hail Ed. 8, as they fit both of us, moreover, they fit both of us better that T5P, therefore I say hats off to Ed. 8! (for me their properties on the go are rather more important, as I rarely use cans indoors). Still, I will surely see that my T5P are fixed ASAP (bad cable), since I take T5P over Ed. 8...
Point by point 1.-6.: 1. I wear 60cm size hats, - fit is just perfect. 2. Possibly - in my case Ed 8 sit more securely on my head. I would advise to try them before you buy. T5P are comfortable, but do not stay put as well as Ed 8 do. 3. Perfect for my ears; YMMV 4. And it is most welcome! Try wearing both, - I do, and I have a slight preference for the ergonomics of Ed 8. 5. Mine have lasted a year so far. Ken Allmighty is to be taken with a pinch of salt, - his site is...
I thought I posted a reply yesterday, but apparently smth. went wrong...   To your question - yes, it is available; I can take a picture of it. Do you travel to Brussels on a regular basis?
Koss PortaPro are a safe bet; for closed at this price point, I have and I like Sony MDR V6 and CAL!. V6 seem to be the toughest here. I just love their coiled wire, although there could be less of it for portable use. V6 may be too bright, while PortaPro have quite a bit of mid-bass emphasis (flatters Apple devices though), CAL! sound very nice, but they are big and with a somewhat fragile feel.
I have two which I can compare: 1) HD 25 Adidas (= same sound, crazy colourway (which kinda suits the way they sound)) - bright, superb PRaT, light, durable, replaceable parts, easy fit, great isolation, unwieldy (effectively take up as much space as T5P or Ed. 8). Amazing for gym, and once in a while I pick them over Edition 8 for their PRaT (and don't forget the colour!). Nice synergy with Shuffle (2nd gen.), Sansa Fuze, Sansa Clip+, fine with Tera Player, too. 2)...
I have no use for the box, but I could use the bag, - anybody not using the bag who fancies the box? As the box is more pricey than the bag, I am inclined to ask the other party to cover / partake in my shipping costs, - but that of course will depend on offers (if any ;-). Local swap in Brussels would be most welcome.
Overall I prefer Edition 8 over T5P; however, for the classical T5P might be a better choice. Actually I noticed that I listen less to the classical and more to poor/ rock now when I mainly use Edition 8. My T5P needs its cable replaced, - I have not been in a hurry to do it since I prefer Edition 8, still I feel growing urge to address the issue as I am missing T5P and my classical music recordings.
Nobody so far?
How does Momentum's sonic signature compare with that of Ultrasone Edition 8? The description (differences from DT 1350, etc.) makes me think that those two may share some traits.
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