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I would like to resurrect this from the dead. I would like their differences better identified too. I am interested in the pro 700 MKii but worry the sub bass is a bit too rolled off.
DT770/80 pro. I love the detail (peak in treble) but it somehow also sounds a bit dark (before peak) with emphasis on sub bass. Comfortable for hours too. I can't find a pair of headphones I enjoy more (still looking!).
XB700s if you can find non-fake ones.
Agree with the computer vol not maxed = dropped bits. Lowering your volume on the PC is considerably lowering your dynamic range. Listening to 6 bit audio to compare the HE500 to HE6 isn't valid and made me troll snicker.
A can that does electronica and classical very well would be a dream. However: classical requirement = flat, open for soundstage. electronica requirement = bass, isolation for deeper sub bass.   The DT880s are a great can but will likely be too bright and lacking in bass for you with electronic.
Audiophile answer: The most expensive amp that looks cool, something with tubes for warmth.   Real life answer: Whatever measures the best, eq the nasty treble peak out of the bright HD800s.
1. You can, but that is the "port" so your bass will roll off earlier 2. Better but still muddy. 3. Yes 4. The headband is plastic with a cheap piece of foam over it, However the cans are damn light and im picky. 5. Yes 6. Yes 7. Yes (They have a big midbass hump with a SLIGHT sub bass rolloff.) XB700s are the king of sub bass if you like that (I like sub bass, but less punch) 8. If you have the LPs the XB500s are less muddy. However the XB700s are considerably cleaned up...
Just to chime in with regards to the beyer 770s. If you want bass the 770 80ohm ver has considerably more than the other 770s. The 770 LE cleans up the 770s treble and bass leaving it to have less bass and treble. (still a very nice can too).
Can't argue that
Sennheiser was just fine before the HD800s, the only banking made on them is from you unfortunately. Before bashing my comments on the HD800s you should actually attend a few orchestras, learn to play an instrument and finally brush up on your EE homework.It doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine the HD800s are grossly over hyped. It's 6khz peak (seriously look at its waterfall) makes it sound like its hyper analyzing everything and not like music.Some HD800 homework...
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