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How do the Heir 4 compare to the FX700?
Soooo I've ended up ordering 3 pairs.   - Aurisonics ASG-1 (121db/1mW (Freq not posted) and 32ohm, This is a bit worrying) - Atrio M5 (Sucks they dont have removable cable) (112db@30hz/1mW and 32 ohm, these should be good) and finally - UE Super.Fi 5EB (These are hard to find!!, The mix of dynamic and BA looks neat.) (119db/1mW and 21ohms, hopefully these are ok).   I will likely keep all 3 to collect, hopefully I enjoy at least one pair.   The IE80...
How do the w3x vs ie80 vs sm3 result? Anyone hear them side by side? I currently have less sensitive IEMs than the ie80 and the hiss bothers me.
Where do the Aurisonics ASG-1 IEMs fit in here? Can they be considered basshead???
I really considered the IE80, but I will be using this on my phone/travel. The devices (low output impedance) I use have a higher noise floor/hiss if the IEMS are too sensitive or too low impedance. I can hear the "Android hiss" with my vmoda bass freq's on the S3, HTC One and S4, it drives me nuts.
How does the bass compare? The sensitivity of 124db has me a bit worried. I dont think the um3x could output the bass of the asg-1. Maybe a nice second pair though!
Hello, I am searching for a pair of IEMS that are (In descending priority): 1. Bassy 2. Darker (At least no sibilance or piercing treble) 3. Bassy (see the pattern here?) 4. Less sensitive (less than 120db would be nice), 32 ohm impedance (not 16) would also be nice. 5. Detachable cord.   Right now Aurisonics ASG-1 is at the top of my list. Any other suggestions?? The Sennheiser IE80 look nice but are too sensitive (i hate the noise some super sensitive...
looks to be too bright and lacking sub bass of the 770/80
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