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I currently have the XB500, XB700 and DT770/80s for cans. XB500 is too boxy, although i like the punch. Lacking just a hint of sub bass compared to the XB700. XB700 is more resolving than the XB500, I would prefer it be a bit more darker. DT770/80, still my fav but has a sharp treble spike before 10k.   Comparing bass quantity which comes out first? 1. Pro700mkii 2. Q40 3. M100   I want a nice dark, laid back sound with lots of sub bass without being...
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Just sent them back to Aurisonics for the ASG-2 upgrade. Excited!
Hi,  I recently got the ASG-1 headphones and completely fell in love with the warm bassy sound. However there is an imbalance (yes ive confirmed it, more bass on right side than left) and am going to send it back to Aurisonics. I'm considering having them upgrade it to the ASG-2 in the process. Is it worth it? Is it still pretty warm? With the bass port fully opened does it have more sub bass than the ASG-1?
I had the XB1000s, they lack sub bass (yes amped) compared to the XB500 and XB700. The XB1000 also have 2 treble spikes which cause fatigue. These should be avoided.
Mint. Used for about 5-10 minutes, still have original recyclable box. The fit is not for me. Buyer pays shipping, just looking to recover the cost. Thanks!
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