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Used for EDM, I'm very sensitive to treble. I'm looking for *lots* of sub bass, no boxy sound, no treble peaks.   Can someone compare their experiences with the and IE80? I currently have the Aurisonics ASG-2 and SuperFi 5EB, how would the and IE80 compare to them?   From my understanding the IE80 is more relaxed than the and has more sub bass. Is this correct?
Well to give everyone an update..... I've had my ASG-1's upgraded to ASG-2, they have a massive soundstage and a really addictive sound. The bass is adjustable which is nice, only problem is that its mostly midbass. This means adjusting the bass just adds or removes the "boxiness" sound. I like these though, they just sound so huge.   The Triple FI 5 EB are what i was looking for, unfortunately the fit is ok, but the shape and feel isnt top notch on...
For Sale the Future Sonics M5 (With newer M7 driver) Mint. Used for about 5-10 minutes, still have original recyclable box. The fit is not for me. Buyer pays shipping, just looking to recover some of the cost. Thanks!
Nice, pm sent.
If you are subjective enough to mention PRAT you will likely never know until you compare them side by side to find for yourself which you enjoy more. I can tell you the TH600 will have more bass and that the HD600 may sound darker by looking at the frequency responses.
To the OP, yes. Grossly overpriced.
770/80 Over all of these, every day.
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I currently have the XB500, XB700 and DT770/80s for cans. XB500 is too boxy, although i like the punch. Lacking just a hint of sub bass compared to the XB700. XB700 is more resolving than the XB500, I would prefer it be a bit more darker. DT770/80, still my fav but has a sharp treble spike before 10k.   Comparing bass quantity which comes out first? 1. Pro700mkii 2. Q40 3. M100   I want a nice dark, laid back sound with lots of sub bass without being...
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