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8khz peak = no way for me, way too hard for these ears.  I do prefer the materials and style of the LCD-X though.
I've found the XB920s to destroy my XB500 and XB700s in sub bass. The XB500s are a muddy nightmare with midbass bloat, the XB700s really cleaned that up. The instanely visceral sub bass from dubstep alone using the XB920s makes them a super fun headphone, without needing EQ.
Any update with the ASG2.1?
I need this. Would make it easily my best IEM.
I wouldn't get open cans for subsonic performance. The 770 uses the same driver (different impedance in some cases, 80 ohm suggested) as the 990 but offers more sub bass.   List from what i've heard for sub bass kings.   XB700 - May be your best bet. XB500 (mid bass is quite boxy though) DT770/80 - treble peak as in all beyers, test first to see if you can stand it. M100 is nice but not as much quantity as XB series. *POSSIBLY* the XB920/X10 - Heard these...
I have the ASG-2, I find its only punch that exists yet sub bass is considerably rolled off. I wish the knob on the side adjusted the sub bass, ordered the IE80s on my quest for sub bass. To my understanding Aurisonics is possibly having a rev for this. 
I'm pretty sure you misread my post. The O2 and Essense ST both have plenty of power for XB1000s. The XB1000s are IMO the worst of the sony XB series with no real sub bass and fatigue (again look at the graphs online as they match my experience). I've kept my XB500 and XB700.
Happy to see the TH600 and TH900s get some love. Has anyone had the pleasure of comparing these to Sig DJs? I love my sub bass.
Also just ordered the IE80. I will like to see how they compare to the ASG-2.
Couldn't agree more. I don't plan on getting rid of these quite yet, the soundstage is massive. It boggles my mind how such a dark sounding IEM can sound so large. I love them.
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