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I have tried so many cans... nothing does it for me. I *really* love the sound and vocals of my ASG-2 but want more subbass and in the factor in a pair of cans.    Let me emphasize again... I want butter smooth vocals, *NEVER* fatigue, loads of sub bass. I've tried quite a few cans with no avail...   DT770/80 - Nice sub bass, massive treble spike Countless sennheiser 5xx - Vocals are nice but can sound nasaly, no sub bass. M100... Nice, but vocals aren't there, bit...
plz del
Dont you worry about Damping factor with such a high impedance inline? (There is a general 1/8th rule in engineering) I could see this really messing up your bass.......
For sub bass the XB920 (MDR-X10) kill anything I've heard prior (XB500, XB700, XB1000 and DT770/80)
 Synergy? With a phone? Are you serious? It's simple electronics.The fact you stated the impedance and not the sensitivity of the CIEMS shows possible inexperience with this.Nexus 5 has above average SNR, and can guarantee 110% that it will hiss more than an iphone 4/4s. I've owned the S3, either your ears or tired or you listen to music really loud with very few quiet passages. I've tried multiple high sensitivity IEMs and exchanged the S3 multiple times. All with...
 Good luck, I've been trying to find an android that doesn't hiss with high sensitivity IEM's for years. They are usually riddled with higher output impedance and hissing that I cannot get past for the life of me. The Galaxy S3 was horribly hissy (yes radios were off, etc).
The Nexus 5 audio output is average and has below average crosstalk.   I still use my iPhone 4s, as there hasn't been an droid that my (multiple) IEMs don't pick up a hiss on. :( Tried S3, HTC One, and nexus 4.   About your bass problems it may be related to output impedance of these devices, i dont know what the output impedance of the nexus 5 is. However the HTC One has "beats" enabled, which is just bass EQ.
8khz peak = no way for me, way too hard for these ears.  I do prefer the materials and style of the LCD-X though.
I've found the XB920s to destroy my XB500 and XB700s in sub bass. The XB500s are a muddy nightmare with midbass bloat, the XB700s really cleaned that up. The instanely visceral sub bass from dubstep alone using the XB920s makes them a super fun headphone, without needing EQ.
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