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Ew amoled... if you like oversatured colors, blotchey, blotchy blacks in the dark, pixel sharing (pentile).  Never another pentile screen for me.   I'll bet that they both hiss for music, I can imagine the samsung being worse. My S3 was horrible.
Wow... 5db is a big drop in power. About 3 times, not to mention the reduction in bit depth. I was excited for this phone until I read about the hissing in the background, similar to the M7.
Yeah... attenuation like that can mess up the response by quite a large margin. It's essentially increasing the output impedance seen by the headphones, and input impedance seen by the phone.
Please keep us updated. I'm OCD about that hiss on the noise floor!
Thanks, this is what i have been waiting for someone to say... Every android device i've had has the hiss. I hate apple but the output from their phones is amazing.
Faux Sound will help you reduce your gain. :) Can you do me a huge favor? Do you hear a white "hissing" for about 3 seconds after you are playing music then suddenly stop it?
In a phone i would be more concerned about shielding, output circuitry and output impedance. I just assumed the Snapdragon 801 SOC integrated a DAC in the package?
Quality of electronics in signal path 900x over. 16 Bit FLAC on a phone is plenty for me.
I sold my Galaxy S3 and Htc One (M7) because of a hiss at low volume. Has anyone heard the hiss on the M7 and can verify it has been eliminated on the M8?   Although the nexus 4 didnt have as great measurements as the above units, It's hiss was significantly less.
I had the XB1000 and XB700. Still have the XB500 and XB920. In my humble opinion here is a short description of each...  The XB500 are a muddy mess but don't fatigue. (I'll sell these) The XB700 are much cleaner than the 500 and dont have the midbass hump and lots of fun subbass, still a bit of fatigue in the mid treble. The XB1000 have two treble humps and no sub bass... These were really bad and had two treble humps that weren't cool. The XB920 are my fav sounding,...
New Posts  All Forums: