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Glad to hear that's working out for you. I simply cant bear the hiss on the M8, coming from an electrical background that impedance is unacceptable on a premium device from an engineering standpoint. 
Those "hacks" don't work. I've tried them. You cant fix a poor hardware implementation. Where the problems lay.. I don't know.The M8 has a horrible 8ohm output impedance... completely messing up the response of IEMs.
I'm not sure what the hiss i hear on androids comes from. I've always assumed its from the Qualcomm SOC implementations. However, for example, the nexus 4 although measured poor has the least audible hiss I could hear on an android device to date. I've heard the M8, owned the M7 and Galaxy S3, all had a dreadful background hiss. I swear i can hear the internal amplifier activating on those devices.  The hiss is heard with sensitive IEMs, for those of you that cannot hear...
Yeah, i'm trying to ditch apple stuff but am addicted to the super black noise floor on my iPhone 4s. All these fancy android phones look amazing but sound quite bad. :(
Qualcomm makes the "DACs" as part Snapdragon 801 SOC.
I bet, sadly that i could hear the noise floor on your UE18s on the HTC One. 
The problem I'm having isn't based on impedance, it seems more like sensitivity.
And the S3, and the Htc M7. Oh! This one too :(Hate using attenuation. I'm seriously considering the next iphone (6?) or hunting down a wolfson samsung (eek) to see if it remedies the issues. I'm starting to wonder if Qualcomm's chipsets just have poor output, every one I've heard hisses.  I'm bitter.
Ew amoled... if you like oversatured colors, blotchey, blotchy blacks in the dark, pixel sharing (pentile).  Never another pentile screen for me.   I'll bet that they both hiss for music, I can imagine the samsung being worse. My S3 was horrible.
Wow... 5db is a big drop in power. About 3 times, not to mention the reduction in bit depth. I was excited for this phone until I read about the hissing in the background, similar to the M7.
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