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I love my Beyer 770/80s. I highly suggest them to anyone looking to enjoy music.
Just to clarify, they are very muddy and lack detail but have quite a bit of fatigue. If you look at the frequency response of the XB1000s you could see how bad they are. (And that they lack bass compared to the 700 and 500s) I've tried amping these on the o2 and essence ST. The o2 had more control of the bass, that was the only audible difference between the o2 and ST on these cans.   You will never get massive bass from the XB1000s without considerable eq. I highly...
The XB1000 doesn't have THAT much bass, and has 2 spikes that caused me fatigue for areas such as trance and other electronic music. I returned them after a few days, grossly overrated and overpriced IMO. If you want bass and lots of it without the 2 horrible fatiguing spikes consider the XB500 . Going back to my beyer DT770/80s were such a welcome return. Instead of the XB1000s also consider: ATH-M50 D1100 LP, LP2, M100 Q40 Pro700mkII
I agree, as a previous owner of the XB1000s they dont have as much bass (and sounded kinda bright and peaky to my ears).
I've heard the UE 6000 headphones, how do they compare to the X1, L1 and M100? I prefer deep bass but the UE6000 sounded a bit harsh to me at times with an average soundstage (smaller than my dt770s). Would the Philips with their boosted bass and rolled off higher end be the solution to the UEs brightness? I've noticed the M100s also have a boosted bass with rolled off highs. How do the Philips offerings compare to the vmoda in soundstage?
Does this mean you listened to the Sony MDR? the X1? or the MDR and X1s? Just curious because this sounds like you listened to none of the phones the OP listed.   A comparison between the L1 and X1 would be nice.
Thanks for this!
I listen to dubstep on the 770/80s and they pick up plenty of sub bass while offering a massive soundstage for a closed can. Do you really think the m100s can top them?
How do the m100 beat out the 770/80? Do they dig as deep? What about distortion and soundstaging? I've been looking at getting the m100s but have read mixed reviews and realize they are new so they may be getting a lot of hype.
  Funny you mention that, I love the energy the 770s can have. I've been looking for other headphones to compliment and to have variety but am worried I won't find something as fun, deep and open sounding in a closed can.
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