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770 every time.
I've had a similar horrible experience with the HD800, It's a fatiguing headphone with a peak in the area where your ears perceived loudness is already pretty high. That with its rolled off bass (where you need at least flat (especially taking into account perceived loudness) easily turns of EDM into a horrible ear burning experience.
I wouldn't worry about DACs at this level, output impedance is key especially when using lower impedance IEMs. The whole DAC talk is grossly overrated.
Is that a wireless router on top of all of your sound equipment? lol
The M100 is a nice headphone however I've read multiple instances of comfort being an issue (not to mention they are overpriced). There's just no point in owning a headphone if its not comfortable to wear (this is pretty subjective and im sure people will chime in to defend their M100s).   The UE6000 is something ive heard at the apple store a few times, really like it and its not fatiguing sound for EDM. I currently have the DT770/80 ohms and unlike the UE6000 you...
Someone traded you 990s with their broken ones when you fell asleep.
The XB1000 from my experience are terrible.
^ agree.
Just wanted to add I got the xb500s. Pre-eq there seems to be a bit of boxiness caused by an elevated 150-250hz ish area. After toning that down a bit they are pretty damn fun. IMO leagues better than the XB1000 I had.
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