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Just to identify a few headphones here: Looks like it could be a bit bright or hard sounding based on a few of its bumps. It also appears to be more mid bassy. Way too much distortion in the bass area too. The bass here looks nice (to me) maybe a bit of hardness between 1-2k? Still tempted. I have these,...
Is there a big chunk chipped out of those m100s? Looks like its glued together or something. Can you take a few more pictures of that?
I *REALLY* like my bass below 100hz. I fear the 700mkii and Q40 are a mid bass oriented can which sort of turns me off. For all of you talking about the DT770s which version are you referring to? The 770 80 ohm has considerably more sub bass than the other 770 models. The Sony XB500s have lots of bass, but its more mid bass AND the bass bleeds into the mids too much for me making a boxy sound. Would the XB700s clean this up? I worry about the XB700s treble peak...
Philips X1 are one of my fav looking cans. BTW this is an open proposal to the beautiful woman wearing them.   
Has anyone compared the 700mkii, dt770/80, xb500, fidelio l1, m100, ue6000 and momentum. I have the xb500 and dt770/80. I would ideally like the sub bass of the 770 but with more relaxed highs, the 770 has a peak around 7-10khz which I would like my next set of cans not to have. What can has gobs of sub bass?
Just wanted to bump this thread as it is quite interesting. I have the DT770/80s and XB500s. I am wondering if the M100, UE6000 (I've heard), Momentums or Philips L1s can add anything to the DT770s. I am looking for fantastic sub bass (I want ALOT of sub bass) and a warmer phone without sounding boxy.
770 every time.
I've had a similar horrible experience with the HD800, It's a fatiguing headphone with a peak in the area where your ears perceived loudness is already pretty high. That with its rolled off bass (where you need at least flat (especially taking into account perceived loudness) easily turns of EDM into a horrible ear burning experience.
I wouldn't worry about DACs at this level, output impedance is key especially when using lower impedance IEMs. The whole DAC talk is grossly overrated.
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