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The distortion curves can tell u a lot about quality.
Naw, I wouldn't call them bass monsters. They are bassy, but I believe the vmoda LP (muddy) and Sony XB500(Sub and mid bass) + XB700 (sub bass, less mid bass) hold that record here.
  The LP2s will give you more bass but can be a hint muddy. M100s clean that mud up, but come at a price (along with a bit of reduced bass).
The Q40 appears to be more punchy and the M100 seems to be a bit more sub bass oriented based on response. Q40 will give u that slam some people want, I enjoy gobs of sub bass. Both are respectable cans, the M100s being grossly overhyped I still kinda want them.   Below 100hz the M100 *Should* have a similar response to the UE6000 but appear to have more detail because of the 10-ish khz spike in the m100 response. This spike should also allow the M100s to...
I think measurements play a role, both the ue6000 and m100 have a bassy presentation that looks nice without being overly bright. I think the w1000x are a bad choice because they have considerably higher distortion than the ue and m100 and also have rolled off sub bass.
Has anyone compared the UE6000 to the M100? Both look good on paper, I've heard the UE6000 but not the M100. How do they compare for sub bass? A few opinions here would be nice. Thanks in advance guys.
If you like distortion in the lower region then by all means go for it. Each to their own.
I would normally second the T70 in this case, however if you already love the 990 sound and dont want to spurge on the T70s consider the 770s. They have the treble spike, boosted bass and dip in the area where the ear is quit sensitive like the 990s. The 770s will dig deeper than the 990s but will likely have less "punch" to them. Consider the 80 ohm version of the 770s for the most bass.   BTW the W1000x distortion curve doesnt look to...
Pro 900 has a sharp treble spike (this makes electronic stuff too bright) and much higher than average distortion down low. If you are looking for "fast" bass (bump likely between 80hz and 200hz) consider the Q40 or if a bit darker is more your flavour consider the 700MKii. For good, linear, low distortion, flat (no bass emphesis) the Orthos are nice too. The 770s will never give you that "fast" bass feel as they have more emphesis in the sub bass area.
The XB1000 have to bumps in areas that are known to be quite fatiguing. The bass output is subjectively AND objectively less than the XB500 and XB700. I highly suggest you compare them side by side. I hope this helps....
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