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M100 has boosted bass staying even until even 20hz. I would consider that sub bass focused. Lots of these mentioned cans roll off after 80hz leaving them as a punchy can but with rolled off sub bass. The denons have nice sub bass but have a bit too much upper energy for me. You have to decide if you want the ear massage from sub bass or punch from mid bass. Punchy cans can be difficult as they sometimes bleed into the lower mids sounding muddy. Ps don't get the pro 900,...
I say get the XB500s while you can. They have the biggest bass hands down. EQ the muddiness out and enjoy. They are a extremely fun headphone. Pro900 is bright and has above average distortion in the bass. D2000 is better but will leave you wanting more bass.
The D5000 has more bass than D7000, the D7000 will not give you that punch you are looking for. The TH900 look interesting.
Yeah heh, look at how much they bleed into the mids. The XB700s clean this bass bleed up but the treble peaks a bit earlier. This could be bothersome, still tempted to buy a pair of XB700 for the hell of it.  
I've heard the Denon D2000 and thought they were decent, but yeah I agree it's a bit fatiguing too.
The Q40s seem to dip around 3-4khz. Lots of headphones dip in that area (on purpose) to prevent fatigue. Some people still get fatigue from the beyers because of the sharp rise after the dip. The rise is a bit too early on the freq spectrum IMO, but still a decent can. (Heck I have the 80ohm ver).
Yeah, that spike between 3-4khz will definitely make it feel a bit more bright. The ears are quite sensitive around this freq too. 
http://personalaudio.ru/raa/otchety/naushniki/ultrasone-signature-dj/   Signature DJ measurements - not sure of credibility of this source but the bumps between 3-5khz looks a bit scary, the one at 8hkz is a bit more subjective. I think the dip between them will help reduce a bit of sibilance. I wish they had distortion measurements too.
Grats keep us posted!
Depends on the type of music I think. Bassier, warmer cans are a bit more forgiving of electronic music as it can be a bit harsh.
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