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Bump, photos available upon request.
Looking to sell my black Aurisonics ASG-2, These are a hybrid IEM and have the original cable and black Aurisonics Otterbox case. Mint shape, not enough head time.   Looking for around $460.   Thanks!
I'm looking for a T50RP with the most bass... how does this compare on full bass vs alpha dogs with full bass? Is the bass a sub bass? What about this vs the V2 vibro. I have the denon D5000 and treble is too harsh for these ears.
The HTC (M7, M8) and Samsung(S3, S5) offerings had a horrible hiss on high sensitivity IEM's. Can't do it.
Okay... so I have all of these cans and cant really peg which I like the most. 95% of my music is EDM...  To capture it subjectively here goes...   UE6000... Well I *LOVE* the vocals in these, no soundstage though, love the sub bass and how clean it is. No sibilance ever, *SO* dark. Normally I like a dark headphone but I need a *bit* more treble! Cups are a bit small, hot. The least comfortable to me.   DT770/80, lovely sub bass.. Great soundstage. My first real pair...
I've had these... along with the XB500, XB700.   They were my least fav among the 3 as well, they also measure with higher distortion and lower bass. If you want head pounding bass get the XB500, If you want some more treble and less kick and sub bass focus get the XB700. The XB1000's just sounded wrong to me.
Wow... Thanks for the info... I was considering getting these too.  The IE80 are really close to perfect for me though.
I feel like a troll saying this... but isn't the 8ohm output impedance paired with hissing for high sensitivity IEMs a deal breaker for you?
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