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Is it just me or is the spike boosted at 5khz and created at 8-9khz by the alpha pads too much? I just do not hear the "improvement".   Stock   Alpha
Thanks, I have done this.
I've managed to dig up measurements (credit not to myself) regarding the impacts of alpha pads on the x00 signature.   Stock pads   Alpha pads   The bumps at 5k and 8-9k appear to be what are bothering me. I'm not completely sure if its a specific one or a combination of them that I find offensive. Another thing to note is the increased sub bass. The combination of these two treble spikes with the...
There is two plastic rings. One to mount the pads themselves, I obviously moved this into the alpha pads to be able to mount them to the cans. Below that there is another harder plastic piece that is part of the OEM pads. The mids on the Alpha pads definitely get pushed back as a consequence of the increased bass and treble. The vocals with Alphas on the TH-X00 sound thin to me. The TH-X00 are bordering on too bright for me with OEM pads, the Alpha pads push it over the edge.
I've recently installed the Alpha pads on the TH-X00 and I found it pushed the mids back too far and the highs too forward. I think there is something going on with the OEM plastic ring within the original pads to tame the treble. I much prefer the sounds of the stock pads on the TH-X00. That said, I then applied the alpha pads to the D5ks and found the sound to be warmer which really made it more appealing to me. I will be leaving the Alpha pads off of the TH-X00 and on...
O2 doesn't have a bright signature... At all. The entire point of it is to be linear.
I am currently looking for a pair of Alpha Pads, willing to discuss price. I live in Canada.
I currently have the Philips X2 and Denon D5000 and have a few questions regarding how the Fostex TH-X00.   I like a warmer sound, with smooth vocals and a boosted sub bass. I find the X2 to be one of my favorite headphones. There is a bit of "hardness" at 3-5khz in the X2 that bothers me at times. The D5k have an addictive sub-bass, the treble is too hot for me, the mids too recessed.   I listen to a lot vocal trance (Lots of female vocals, bass).  This leads me to...
Photos below.              
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