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I have both the Fiio X3 and DX50 in good condition and all accessories. I don't use both so I figured I'd let one go. I don't really care which one. Make me an offer on one, I'll keep whichever one doesn't sell. Thanks!   UPDATE 4/12/14   I've had TONS of interest on both but to be honest I sort of wanted to keep both and didn't take the sale seriously.. at this point though I would like the cash.   After some thought I have decided to give up the DX50. I will set...
I have been using the DX50 and the Fiio x3 for awhile now. Overall, I believe the DX50 is the better player sound quality wise and will appeal to more people. It has noticeably better clarity and it is more balanced. The only problem I have with it is that the mids sound thin. It does not do too well when I am looking for intimate vocals. The Fiio x3 has a bit of warmth and is mid forward. Less mid bass, sounds less "filled" across the spectrum. However, I have been...
I had the MH1C and not the MH1. To me they were very good for the price I paid (~$20) but to me they were over hyped and not the miracle IEMs that some people are making them out to be. Perhaps the MH1 is much different than the MH1C.   I would in no way call the MH1C an upgrade to the re400.
Man I've been using the re400 with the Fiio X3 and was reminded yesterday of how good these things are. I took the re400 out and tried out the Meelec A161 that I got on sale around Black Friday. Man the difference in clarity was so noticeable. Fiio X3 gives a mid forward sound and I could really hear the difference in details between the re400 and A161.
I've been using 1.2.2 without any bugs.. YMMV
Nah read on further it says it can be 1G to 32G. Still annoying.
So just got my x3, read a little of the user guide. Is this right? You have to use a card to upgrade firmware and it has to be empty? Not a huge deal I guess but I don't have empty microsd cards lying around. And I'm not going to delete/add 30gb of music every time I want to upgrade firmware.
Well I have only used the VSD1S with the DX50 and I didn't like them. Maybe they will be better with the X3
Vocals sound recessed to me! Had no problem with the UI or bugs.. just sound.
My X3 is incoming!! After being underwhelmed with the DX50 I hope the X3 hits a sweet spot.
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